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Aqua Lung Regulators

Aqua Lung has over 70 years of innovation making scuba regulators that are safer and easier to use than others on the market.

Aqua Lung scuba regulator offers you comfort, ease of breathing, control and peak performance.

Aqua Lung and the scuba regulator share a rich history, and now is your chance to play a part. Choose the right scuba regulator to ensure your next dive is comfortable and safe.

Aqua Lung has developed diving regulators built for new and experienced divers, as well as for a range of diving conditions.

The iconic line of Legend regulators feature an overbalanced diaphragm designed to provide excellent breathing performance. The Legend range features premium engineering, with such features as our unique Auto-Closure Device (ACD). With the ACD, divers don’t have to worry that water or silt will enter the first stage.

We have a line of Legend models to fit your needs perfectly. These models range from the Legend LX/LX Supreme with the Master Breathing System (MBS) to the Glacia that offers even greater freezing resistance for cold water diving.

Beside the Legend, Aqua Lung has a broad range of scuba regulators to fit your needs, including:

CORE – Better breathing at an affordable price
CORE Supreme – Affordable, efficient, and 2015 Tester’s Choice
Mikron – Lightweight, designed for travel and balanced
Titan – Rugged and comfy, with two versions to choose from
Calypso – Simple, robust design with solid performance ideal for new divers

Aqua Lung dive equipment is designed to be simple, sleek, and efficient, and each dive regulator series upholds the highest standards of quality for your diving safety.

AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung LEG3ND Octopus


AquaLung Regulators

LEG3ND MBS Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung LEG3ND ELITE Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung LEG3ND Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Mikron Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Titan Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Calypso Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Core Octopus


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Core Supreme Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Core Regulator


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Calypso Octopus


AquaLung Regulators

AquaLung Mikron Octopus