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At Phuket Dive Tours we know that our customers want to have fun while learning to scuba dive. We can tailor your scuba diving courses differently as well as taking you to great dive locations. Our customers can choose where they want to dive and how much they want to spend learning to dive. We make learning to dive affordable with free registration & Free eLearning for beginner courses

Phuket diving resort

Our Phuket scuba diving center at Kata Beach is a unique dive resort for all kinds of divers from beginners to Pro level. The resort will offer affordable rooms with an onsite restaurant, and massage with the added advantage of being 120m from the main Beach at Kata.

Rooms for rent next to the dive shop
Rooms for rent next to the dive shop

Scuba Diving Courses & Accommodation Packages

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Large room with Aircon 

Small bungalows with Aircon

Our onsite purpose-built private dive pool will only serve our customers this will cut down on lost time making pool training days shorter with less hassle, thus eliminating long taxi transfer times from the dive store to the communal shared dive pool used by all shops that can become very crowded at Peak times

Dive shop Pool
Dive shop Pool

As one of the biggest training centers in Phuket, we offer scuba diving courses from all brands last year we received 2 awards in 2017 from PADI who proudly recognized both our outstanding contributions to the diving industry as well as awarded us the PADI 5-Star rating. In January 2018 we also joined SSI (Scuba Schools International) to offer our customers even more choice on scuba diving education. As our team of instructors is licensed by PADI & SSI they can teach each brand of course.  We can also advise you if you are unsure what course option would suit your course time frame, expectations & overall experience.

When it comes to the overall certification package and satisfaction a dive card is as good as the people who teach you so it’s down to the instructors that make the diver, we offer customers a choice, but most local dive stores won’t. 
Get the best of the Island’s top instructors making your experience safe and fun.

We have 2 dive shops located in Phuket, both are dedicated to customer satisfaction and both provide international scuba diver training and certification.

If You pre-book in advance it’s likely you will get a free private course for you or your family at no extra cost.


All Phuket diving courses include equipment, manuals, and certification fees, Private diving courses are available for small groups or individuals.

Most visitors to the island who are short on time and intent on getting scuba diving certification choose free digital E-learning + digital C card all available online on your Phone as an APP so you can access your dive card and logbook for free without paying extra. We have PADI instructors available.

Try scuba Pool

This is a taster session for anyone who wants to dive but may have doubts about signing up for a full course

Diving for Beginners

“Learn to Scuba Dive in Phuket” takes 3 hrs or 1 full day depending on your preference.

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Scuba refresher

Half-day pool sessions, 1  beach dive session, or full-day diving boat trips for 2 or 3 dives.

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Scuba diver course

This is a 1 or 2-day course that gives you an international scuba diver license to 12 meters

Open water course

Get the scuba diver diving license this takes 2 / 3 days for the full international full  Open Water Diver license for 18 meters

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Like any training course if you pre-study you are well ahead of the game on the learning curve.

Ways to pre-study are reading the diving course manuals, online E-books, online diving courses called E-learning, watching the diving course videos, and completing the diving course theory notes will save you time. Online Diving Courses deposit 4500 THB 


Diving at the deeper open water dive sites around Phuket will need advanced diver training.

For many customers taking a private scuba diving course in Phuket and learning to dive know it has its own benefits.

You learn at your own pace, you have 100% of the instructor’s attention all of the time. If you have any hurdles you then can clear them at your own pace without feeling rushed through the diving course. You feel safer and progress quicker than in group sessions diving course.

Phuket Diving Courses

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Like any other training course you may have undertaken, learning to scuba dive is no different so with group diving courses you tend to learn at the group speed and this may take a little longer than a private course.  If doing a group course you master a skill first time, then another student has to take 2 or 3 attempts to correct a problem, you then tend to stand around waiting, this can then make you disinterested or frustrated. With group diving courses you tend to make friends and for those traveling alone this is a bonus scuba diving courses are all about “Meeting People Going Places and Doing Things”. So when it comes to choosing diving courses in Phuket you need to ask yourself which option Private or Group?

PADI & SSI Diving Course

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Here you can find some information for the international scuba diving courses in Phuket, with the general dive course structure and overviews for learning, all diving courses include equipment and certification fees built into the course fees, we don’t charge extra.

We have 2 Dive shops and this allows us able to offer local beach diving courses from our Kata beach office as well as boat diving courses from our Chalong Office.

We deliver diving courses in Phuket mainly in English & Swedish, using British, Australian, and American scuba instructors with years of experience.

Learning to scuba dive as a beginner you need to be assured that you are getting the full attention of the diving instructor while doing the course.

When to do diving courses in Phuket will often depend on how much time you have available to make yourself available

Half-day courses like the Discover scuba is normally run from our Kata Shop in Hi season and these can be pool-based training course or beach session.

Discover scuba diving is normally a full-day session either Pool then beach div or Full day diving course on a scuba diving boat ride to some of the local islands.

Scuba diver Course is a 2-day diving course with the first day doing theory then pool (no exams) followed by second-day beach dives or boat dives to 12 meters

Open water diver course is a 3-day diving course day 1 is pool and theory followed by 4 open water dives or 4 beach dives (max 18m) or a combo of Beach and boat whichever diving course option you pick you will have some great fun learning to dive.

Adventure diver course is a 1 day trip and Private diving course with 3 great dive adventures from the Adventures in Diving course Manual at local dive sites

Advanced diver course is a 2 days Private diving course with 5 great dive adventures from the Adventures in Diving course Manual..

Diving Courses & Prices

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If you want Cheap courses prices then its better that you Dive at Koh Tao there you can be joined by 60 others students in your class doing the same course in the same training pool on the same day –  obviously you wont get 100% of the instructors attention as they will be focused on the other 59 in your group..but it will be a few hundred baht cheaper in Price ..