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Paradise Beach Reef Scuba Diving Patong Beach

Paradise Beach Scuba Diving Patong Longtail

Paradise beach reef hosts some of the best diving in Patong Beach and the best way to get to the dive site is by either a traditional Thai longtail boat or private speedboat.  Paradise reef Is located at the southern corner looking out across Patong Bay. For years Paradise Reef was easy to get to by road however it’s no longer free and there’s a small local charge from the current owners.

Most of the time the reef is only accessible from late November to early June due to the westerly monsoon season. 

Paradise Reef is approximately 300m long

One of the main reference points of this dive site is Purple Carpet Rock it sounds a bit strange but the small boulder looks like it’s wrapped in a purple carpet! and if you can find this rock then you can use it as a good reference point for 3 different dives.

Marine life

Rasor fish harlequined lined sweetlips moon wrasse, lizard fish, schooling barracuda, Octopus, squid, frogfish, barracuda,

Diving at paradise reef option

  1. Head west from the purple rock this will take you along the sloping reef into deeper water to the green bubble corals, this is the turnaround point approx 16 meters deep.
  2. Head north from the purple rock, this  will take you onto a sandy bottom where you will find a host of anemones and clownfish, banded cleaner shrimps huge frogfish, eels, shrimp’s stingrays
  3. Head East will take you along the reef to some small rocky outcrops and small boulders this is normally a pick up after the dive

The dive site itself runs 3 ways west, north or east of the drop-in point at paradise beach, large bombies drop down to 6 meters where you can then choose to head west into deeper water or head east and wait for the boat to pick you up.

The reef has many hidden treasures and its often easier to fins Turtles, large schooling fish.