Hydros Pro BCD Scubapro BCD


The New Hydros Pro is a true breakthrough in diver comfort, a great Travel BCD suitable for Men and Women.

The all New Scubapro Hydros Pro is a true breakthrough in diver comfort and convenience. The molded Monprene®, and easy adjustable fit and multi-attachment points all combine to make this the most customisable and comfortable BCD ever.  The Hydros Pro is a built for anyone who loves to dive, with interchangeable straps included backpack make the Hydro Pro perfect for any destination and any diving holiday.

What makes the Hydros Pro BCD special?

The Monprene® construction means ultra durability. The  Hydros Pro also stands up to UV, chemicals, and abrasion — without showing typical signs of wear.  And a modular construction makes repairs — even from remote locations — a snap. It’s a BC for life.
When you are wearing the Hydros Pro, you won’t even know it’s on your back. The Hydros Pro molds itself to your your specific body shape, and has is designed with body grip gel, providing extreme comfort and stability thanks to a back inflation & smart air system you can dive in any position.

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