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Local Diving Phuket – Information where and when to Dive.

This page is all about dive site Information where You can dive in Phuket at the many local dive sites most of the year round, as well as some of the many dive sites to the South and West of Phuket. The western side of Phuket island hosts many small local reefs that can be accessed from the beach, Kata , Karon, and Patong all have local diving sites thats not to deep but good night diving is available every day from our scuba diving resort and shop located 120m from Kata Beach.

Hi Season Diving (November to April)

The best times of the year to dive are Hi Season when its hot and dry between December to April. Peak hi season is December and this is when it gets very busy most divers who want to dive have trouble booking as most boats are often sold out trips to Phi Phi, Similan liveaboards are a popular choice for those wanting to dive further away at distant locations .. Demand for diving is high and don’t think for one moment its easy to find a trip, its better to book in advance this means you have dive trip confirmed, ,amany boats will be sold out  out between the 20th of December and the 10th Jan.

The best location for diving in December are Similans Islands Surin and Phi Phi Island. As the winds come from the east most dives are on the western dive sites

Low Season Diving (May to October)

The bad weather and low season has a tendency to kick in May to June as the Monsoon Rain and winds winds come from the west most dives are on the eastern dive sites, this is when there can be days of rain with hot sunny spells between, some days diving will be cancelled after all Phuket is a tropical Island. The monsoon season period often results in the water having more plankton hence the visibility will change and drop, however the plankton will also attract larger marine life like Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. All local diving on the West coast line of Phuket tends to be off limits. Phi Phi Islands diving Trips tend to be sparse we tend to advise that between August and September Months its better and safer to take local diving day trips to Racha Noi & Racha Yai due to Big waves and storms that delay transfers and tend to makes even the hardiest of divers seasick.

Southern Dive Sites around Phuket

South of Phuket is Racha Yai and Racha Noi and these can be dived as 2 or 3 dive day trips, nearly all dive boats will depart from Chalong Marina, so if you are here in Phuket for only a few days it really makes sense to stay as close as possible to the boats unless you like long minivan journeys and a free local tour of the many resorts on the way to the Port.

Racha Yai island has dive sites to the Eastern Coastline has small bays and Reefs running from North to South and the Western Coast line has Batok (Bungalow) Bay and Siam Bay, diving  here at these diving sites will depend on the time of year you pick to go diving, as well as the seasonal Monsoon and weather. The East Cost lines are accessible between Low season and the Western areas Siam and Bungalow are Hi Season sites thats are often busy, same applies to Racha Noi dive sites however due to the island being located south of Racha Yai there tends to be less boat traffic and divers on the dive sites.

Wreck diving

If you like diving wrecks or want to discover one of the best wreck dives then King cruiser wreck is for you[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]