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PADI Deep Adventure Dive is part of the PADI Advanced open water Diver course.

Student divers are introduced to using dive computers to track their dive profile as well as recording nitrogen saturation for the Deep adventure dives. Dive Computers will calculate the No decompression time left during the deep dive and also assist for planning the next deep water dive they complete in the same day.

With the PADI advanced diver certification you have access to the deeper wrecks like King Cruiser Wreck divers need to understand that risks increase when diving deeper and additional Advanced diver training is required for many Deep water sites.

The PADI Deep Adventure Dive is a requirement for Advananced certification and completing a training dive between 18 to 30 meters. Theory covers potential problems nitrogen narcosis, buoyancy control in deep water,  and student diver anxiety

PADI Deep Adventure Dive in water Training involves comparing Depth gauges and computers for variations, we also look at light how colour can change underwater affecting how we see them  red, orange, pink or yellow object.

During the dive we can look at No decompression time left and using computers this will also help for calculating remaining bottom time based on the Remaining supply.

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