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How to choose a Scuba Diving, Snorkeling or Free diving mask?

Masks have evolved into many different styles and shapes over time, many years ago a mask comprised of a single piece of glass that has a tough black rubber skirt and rubber strap that covered your nose and eyes. The old masks were uncomfortable and often came in 1 size only.

Modern materials and technology over time have allowed manufacturers to produced a variety of masks to cater for many types of water sports. Prices for products will vary between established brand names and less well known manufacturers.

Typically, a modern sty scuba diving mask will be made from silicon this will be in the form of the Mask skirt and Mask strap, colours will be mainly either black, clear,  or coloured.

Clear skirts tend to let in more light and give divers a better view, where as black or colour skirts will limit the field of vision.

Optical views and lenses

A Mask that sits closer to your face is often regarded as a low volume mask meaning that the air space inside is quite small. The mask lens will be closer to your eyes so then the lenses are often smaller also. the advantage of a low volume mask while scuba diving means that it is very easy to clear any water from the mask