Beard Care & Diving



More and more guys are sporting beards nowadays, and more and more people are getting into diving, so it comes as no surprise that problems are going to arise when the 2 are mixed.

Every second Man has tattoos now and because they have been so popular for many years everyone knows that you have to put cream on to stop infection, and you can’t go in the water for at least a week (or until completely healed), cover with sun cream to prevent fading etc. etc. Tattoo care has become second nature, especially when diving is concerned.

But how about beard care? As beards become more popular so too should beard care.

A few problems you may encounter with your face hair when diving:

  • The mask does not seal properly letting an annoying amount of water steadily streaming in
  • The hair and skin become very dry due to sun and salt water exposure
  • Upon exiting the water after diving, the hair becomes unruly and wild, giving you that yeti like appearance
  • The beard appears fluffy that no amount of stroking can tame

Wouldn’t you just love to have that ‘L’Oréal advert look’, where you have just walked out of the ocean, water glistening off your perfectly sculpted beard as everyone gasps in awe at the magnificence of it?

Using beard care products not only help set you on the right path, but choosing 100% natural beard care products are also good for the reef as they have none of the damaging chemicals in the them, and, not surprisingly, natural is much better for your hair and skin.

Beard balms and beard wax are the best for styling, wax has a stronger hold but can also be annoying to apply and take off. Balms often have some beeswax in them to give some style to stop the wild look, are easier to apply and are also supper moisturizing to help fight the dryness from the salt water.

Beard Oils are excellent for the skin and hair to stop the itchy, flakiness of the skin underneath the beard, giving hydration and that awe-inspiring sheen you are looking for.

So, here are our top tips on how to achieve that (near) perfect look without much hassle:

  • Before diving treat your man mane to a small amount of styling beard balm, this will help prevent the mad professor look after the dive (it’s also good for the hair on your head)
  • Use Vaseline around the mustache to help seal the mask to stop leaking
  • If you have a long, wizardry beard then securing with a hairband will help stop the flyaway look underwater
  • Rinse with warm, fresh water after each dive to prevent the saltwater from drying into your beard
  • After diving use an all natural beard oil to rehydrate the beard and skin, followed by beard balm to tame the fluffiness, and a good old comb with a non – static beard comb to smooth and style.