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Dive Shop & Scuba Diving Resort.

If your looking to find a great dive shop then check out Phuket Dive Tours store at Kata beach, as we recently expanded the dive store constructed a large dive pool and modernized premises to create the largest scuba diving training and retail to create an all in one diving resort. Diving shop accommodation click here

The Best scuba diving training facility in Phuket

Experience our in house pool 🙂

Beautiful conditions in our in house pool for this team. SuperStarInstructors Michael Kerr and Franck Degousée teaching SSI Try Scuba Pool.

Posted by Dive Phuket on Friday, September 6, 2019

Phuket scuba diving for beginners

private dive pool, our resort offers both SSI & PADI courses with affordable rooms, onsite restaurant, massage with the advantage of being 120m from the main Beach at Kata and local nightlife.
Start with online study and its free elearning with a digital online manual. Learning online saves holiday time so you can quickly assess the dive Pool, then moving onto exploring reefs in open water, at the end of your diving course, you will receive a worldwide Internationally accepted scuba diving licence.

dive shop phuket
Phuket dive dive shop phuket

Conveniently located 120m from the local beach  the dive shop can be found at the heart of Kata Beach centre and we have everything that any diver could wish for as well as being nice

Scuba diving shop

The new dive shop provides daily diving course, diving day trips, and liveaboards, as well as all the top brands of equipment with a huge selection of masks fins regulators and diving accessories on display. Best part is you walk away with your dive card and don’t wait months.

Aqualung partner Scuba diving centre Phuket

Aqualung scuba diving partner centre Phuket.

The dive store is registered as an Aqualung partner center and stock Aqualung products, however we also supply similar items manufactured by Scubapro, Suunto, Mares, Apex scuba diving equipment & accessories.

Dive master course in Phuket
Dive master courses in Phuket.

As an Instructor Training centre we have our head Instructor Trainer “Phil Inzaghi” who supervises the professional level diving courses that range from dive guide, dive master & Scuba instructor, and the popular Scuba Instructor cross over courses

Dive Team Instructors and office staff
Dive Team Instructors and office staff

Our success is based on a our dedicated team of staff and experienced instructors who all have a vast experience of making diving fun.

Dive shop Pool
Dive shop Pool

Our private swimming pool located behind our dive shop provides a perfect environment for scuba-diving education one of the largest private pools on the island, we can ensure that the pool is never overcrowded and it allows sufficient room for each student to practice buoyancy skills and swim around.

dive shop compressor
Dive shop compressor Bauer Poseidon 250

The dive shop Bauer Poseidon 250 has a built in automatic electronic condensate drain controlled system with additional monitoring electronics that switches the compressor off automatically when the final pressure is reached in the system, electronics constantly measures operating hours and oil pressure, and displays the current operating status. This ensures that the air we deliver is free from contaminants.

Rooms for rent next to the dive shop
Rooms for rent next to the dive shop

Kata Beach is the perfect location for learning to scuba dive in Phuket, with local diving courses starting each day, the long sandy beach itself is a great location.