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Here, you can find general information about Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and other activities possible around Phuket.
You can also read about the main landmarks, attractions and dive sites in the area.

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What’s the difference between SSI v PADI open water diver course?

Many people ask “whats the difference between SSI v PADI open water diver courses” Its just a simple case of comparisons of 2 similar branded products and the difference in prices, mainly the cost of books, access to media, and the learning materials you choose, however in general both are equally good brands similar to: […]

Phi Phi Islands “MAYA BAY” Closed “The Beach”

Update:2nd of October 2018 –  Maya Bay closed indefinitely The four month conservation closure order for Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi has failed to restore the beach area as anticipated. The Krabi national parks authority has issued a letter extending the closure of the bay, with no date announced when the famous bay would be […]


Why do Scuba Divers need Dive Computers?

Like any new sport when you take it on you tend to then think about buying equipment so you can be better and diving is no different,  if you like running marathons you may want to track your times and distances with a computer, divings is similar that you want to make it safe, record […]