Giant puffer fish in BIDA NOK - Phi Phi islands


Ko Bida Nok Phi Phi Dive Site

Ko Bida Nok One of the most popular and  dive sites of the Phi Phi Archipeligo. This small island offers all divers from beginner to the very experienced a choice of wall diving or shallow reefs, the south of the small island has a small sandy Bay the starting Point for most Dives.

The topography from the surface is absolutely stunning with Limestone Mountains rising vertically from the surface of the sea, soaring to heights of over 500 metres in some places making it an ideal spot for photographers to take some fantastic photos. Scuba divers will find an amazing environment of caves, overhangs, swim throughs and amazing coral gardens, along with sheer walls that plunge from the surface down to 25 Metres, these walls contain unbelievable soft corals that hang delicately on the walls. With such large variation of marine life at the dive site its easy to find an incredible variety of colourful Reef Fish, such as Devil Scorpion Fish, Masked Porcupine fish, Honeycomb Morays, Clown Angler Fish, Great Barracuda, Red Fire Goby and many more. Leopard Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks are also regularly spotted swimming around the Reef. The Higher ledges have various anemones growing well populated with clown fish making this site a great choice for the underwater Photographer, look on the blue sea stars and possibly find Hymenocera picta, commonly known as the harlequin shrimp.

Bida Nok Dive site Information & Video

The west side is host to many types of macro marine life so look into the cracks for hidden chances to see Nudi’s, Ornate Ghost pipe fish, White eyed morays, and sea horses. Following the reef will take you to some large boulders and swim throughs, here you may get the chance to spot Black tip reef sharks cruising past in the shallows.

If you choose to Dive Phi Phi you can circumnavigate the dive site starting from the south to the east side keep a look at the shallow reef at around 5 m for large dominant Black tip reef sharks, or the odd Turtle that tends to be feeding, also look on the sandy bottom at around 20m for resting leopard sharks. Marine life here is awesome theres huge Gorgonian sea fans sea whips and soft colourful corals, blue spotted sting rays can be found in the sandy areas, along with the well hidden Bearded Scorpion fish that disguise themselves amid the rocks. Wrasse, Parrot fish and large schools of moorish Idols seem to dominate shallow waters. If you are taking pictures better turn the strobes off as the sharks will take off as soon after you first shot. Lastly Manta Rays and Whale sharks do periodically visit this locations.

Whatever way you dive Koh Bida Nok island, it’s a must for you to see and also take in the beauty of Koh Phi Phi, you may be lucky and spot the very famous Whale Shark, thats be known to frequent around these Islands occasionally.

Typically a large Phuket Scuba Diving Boat that can have some 50+ divers. We can arrange private dive guides (Padi instructors) with many years experience both of living and working in Thailand to look after you or your group, this can work out to be great value. Phi Phi Diving Private speedboat charters are also available for smaller groups ask for details.

Dive Planning

Most dives will start with a drop off at the sandy bay area at the south point of the island, as you head west look for Khuls Rays lying on the sand at around 12m, follow along the ridge named “Finger Ridge” that leads to a sheer wall thats covered in soft corals and Anemones, in the deeper water you will often see large jacks, tuna, and smaller Barracuda feeding.

If you have not dive in a while you may want to take a Refresher dive with one of our instructors they will make sure you have fun and dive safe, they will review any concerns on your diving skill, discuss with you skills you may want to practice as part of a day trip diving, and he or she will also act as your private dive buddy and underwater tour guide. This price is 5,000 THB


Koh Bida Nok is ideal for PADI Adventure Dives If you are thinking of completing your PADI Advance Open Water Diver Course in Phuket you can complete the course in 2 days by completing 5 Adventure Dives. Its likely you will dive with your PADI Instructor at Koh Bida Nok as part of the 2 Day PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Phi Phi Diving National Marine Park Fees

Marine park fees are to be added starting from the 1st of April 2016 for all scuba diving at Phi Phi Mu Ko Phi Phi. National Park Officials expect to start collecting cash from all scuba divers visiting Phi Phi from Phuket a national park entrance fee of 400 baht as well also having to pay 200 baht extra fee (total 600). The 200-baht fee applies to all 18 designated dive spots.


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