Try Dive First Lesson

Try Scuba at our private scuba diving PooL

Phuket Dive Tours wants you to have a safe introduction to learning to scuba dive, that is why we are offering you and your friends and family a free 30-minute try dive lesson in our private dive pool, this is the safes way and an Idea starting point for beginners without committing to paying for a course. This introduction is also suitable for non-swimmers

Investing in a scuba diving course & certification

If someone offers you inside information on stocks on a stock market, or a tip on a horse race would you spend you money and gamble without doing any research first? There’s little point in shelling out on a casual bet and the same can apply for a for a scuba diving course, especially if you have any doubts or unsure that scuba diving is for you, That’s why we are offering a Free Try Dive session, lets eliminate the hard selling and get you in the pool first. You can then look at the options open to you and discus them personally with you instructor face to face.

We will happily give you NOW free scuba diving digital online training at no cost. click here to enroll no fees 

It is natural and normal to feel a little nervous before trying to scuba dive for the first time. Don’t worry! At Phuket Dive Tours, your safety and enjoyment of learning scuba diving is our first priority, with the training we deliver you will have the best chances to learn for yourself how easy Scuba Diving can be.

The benefit of the free try dive pool session is that you learn to use the equipment in a safe location, after the pool session you can discuss with us if you want to continue to learn to scuba dive with a follow up second dive in the ocean, or sign up for the beginners try scuba diving, or full open water license. register for the free Try Dive session you must be at least 10 years old.

There’s a medical form for any new scuba diving activity: you need to read this form before trying Diving in the pool for Beginners and sign to confirm you have no medical conditions that can affect your safety. If you declare a medical condition on the form you will not be able to dive without signed clearance from a doctor.
Read the medical form and consult a doctor if necessary before signing up.

Learn to scuba dive in Phuket
Learn to scuba dive in our private specifically designed pool in Phuket


Try Dive Risk awareness video

Do I need to be able to swim to do a try dive?

Many people ask us “Do I need to be able to swim to do a try dive”? and the best reply I can say is “No you Don’t” –  People from all over the world travel to Phuket to learn Diving that are not able to swim. Beginners go diving in Phuket each day without being a good swimmer, with the right training and after listening to some instructions from a professional diving instruction you can learn to dive. When you take a try dive for the first time you will wear Fins, these help you to move around under water meaning that you only have to kick slowly to be able to move. As someone who may not be able to swim well in deep water or simply not that confident as a swimmer then the pool session makes sense.
Scuba diving Phuket basic diver course
Free Try Scuba diving for beginners

How deep will I be diving?

We take you to our pool as non-swimmer, you are safe, you can easily stand up in the shallows as the depth of the pool is 1.1m deep and you will never be alone while in the water. The Pool session allows you to gain confidence and learn about moving around and breathing underwater for the first time. the deepest point of the pool is 2.2m

You and Your Instructor will all enter the water together and your Instructor will continually supervise you in the water they will demonstrate several dive skills, which you will then perform yourself.

What you will learn in the Free scuba Pool Session

  • What equipment we use to scuba dive
  • How to breathe underwater
  • The best ways to Kick your legs using fins to help you move around underwater

Scuba diving in Phuket FAQ’s

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