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Where to Order Nitrox Gas

Nitrox Diving in Phuket is available for licensed Nitrox certified Scuba divers.

Divers using Nitrox have longer no decompression time especially when doing repetitive scuba dive in the same day, allowing divers to extend bottom times stay ing deeper for longer and get back in the water sooner than divers using standard Air, this is mainly down to reduced Nitrogen saturation.

The Normal blend is 32% EAN/ nitrox   –  12 litre and 15 litres Nitrox tanks available.

When planning Nitrox diving pre book the gas blend and tanks prior to arriving on the boat.

We can deliver Nitrox as Part of any local Phuket Dive trip


From: ฿3,500
From: ฿3,000

Scuba Diving Day Trips

Racha Noi South Tip 3 Dive Day Trip

From: ฿2,500

Diving Courses in Phuket

Deep Diving Training Course

From: ฿8,000

Diving Courses in Phuket

Science of Diving Specialty

From: ฿5,000

Dive Computers

Suunto Novo Zoop


Diving Courses in Phuket

Deep Diver Training Course


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Scuba Diving Packages

From: ฿1,900

Diving Courses in Phuket

Underwater Navigation Specialty

From: ฿5,000