Bungalow Bay in Racha Yai island - Phuket Dive Tours

Racha Yai Bungalow Bay

Racha Yai Island has many dive sites but Bungalow Bay Dive site is a popular spot for beginners and takes only 90 mins to get there by large dive tour Boat,

Bungalow Bay itself is divided into 2 diving areas North and South reef. This location is accessible between the months of October – April, the dives will often start in the shallow waters at around 5-8m close to the main beach then ending at around 18m within the confines of the bay.

Most dive boats start on the south reef in the morning then move to the North reef for lunch and then dive this reef after in the afternoon.

Bungalow Bay North Reef

The Northern side of the Bungalow bay is sloping reef falling away from the island, consisting of mainly boulders and and a scattering off staghorn, finger coral and small rock formations. Here you will see common marine reef life, like Butterfly Fish, Trigger fish, cleaner Wrasse, Barracuda, and many more. If you look into the rocks, you may see many different types of nudibranch or even the odd Angler fish (Frog fish) or Ornate Ghost Pipe fish in between crevices, and some soft corals .
This dive site is perfect for beginner divers with its striking blue waters and great visibility it’s a great dive site to start off your diving holiday. The site is often used for scuba diver training.

Bungalow Bay South Reef

If you are thinking of completing your PADI Advance Open Water Course you can complete the course in 2 days by completing 5 Adventure Dives. Its likely you will dive with Your PADI Instructor at Bungalow Bay as part of the Advanced Open Water course. Bungalow Bay is ideal for Adventure dive – Photography – Underwater Navigation – Boat – Underwater Naturalist.

Local Diving at Racha Yai

Phuket scuba diving 2 Dive Day Trips to Racha Yai Island start with hotel transfers and most departures start at Chalong pier at 8.30 am after breakfast on board and after setting up dive equipment with first dive around 10.15 am, most dive boats have a policy of a 50 min dive time.
Lunch is served on the boats and after a surface interval of 1 -2 hours you then complete dive 2 of the day.

Day trip to the dive sites and availability are often limited at times of peak season so you should consider this when booking.