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Sea Anemone tend to cover and favour lime stone rocks as a location to attache and 5 different species of Anemone fish can often be seen when scuba diving in Thailand, its just a case of knowing where to look

The Red Saddleback Anemone fish is nearly always found within the bulb tip sanemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) a rare theses sea anemone find it very hard to grow and become established.

The Clarks Anemone fish likes to stay close to the shorter Anemones Cryptodendrum Adhesive, and the Sebae Anemone fish like the spindly tentacles of the corkscrew sea anemones often seen in the sandy bottoms for protection.

Clarks Anemone Fish - Phuket Dive Tours
Clarks Anemone Fish picture taken while diving at Anemone reef Phuket

The most popular being the False Clown Anemone fish that seem to be low in numbers maybe due to over exposure to divers with large strobe cameras and videographers lighting.

Clown fish Anemone reef - Phuket Dive Tours
Clown fish at Anemone reef Phuket

Porcelain crabs are also present as well as Lionfish the feed on small silversides.

Sea anemone - Porcelain crab
Diving at Anemeone reef Sea anemone with Porcelain crab
anemone reef scuba diving phuket Thailand


Anemone Reef dive site is a limestone Pinnacle located 1 mile Northwest of Shark Point. Anemone reef is part of a marine sanctuary with excellent diving and marine life this prohibits boat to Tie up or drop Anchor anywhere near this dive site is a must for any Scuba Diver on Holiday in Phuket, it […]