How to buy the correct Dive Computer

Like any new sport when you start you tend to then think about buying equipment and scuba diving is no different,  if you like running marathons you may want to track your times and distances with a computer, diving’s is similar that you want to make it safe, record what your depth and time underwater.

If you already have your own Diving mask snorkel, and fins then the next item you will purchase will be most likely a dive computer.

Diving computers are now viewed as the most important piece of equipment you will ever purchase, and should be worn on every dive you make, diving with a computer is often reassuring, not having a computer is often uncomfortable and then you can only rely on dive tables.

Prices for computers have dropped significantly over the last 10 years and owning one could save your life if you ever get separated from the group during a deep dive.

In many ways a dive computer is a status symbol telling everyone you are a Scuba diver. Remember that when you wear a dive computer this is only accurate for your your profile and dive computers should not be shared between divers.

Dive computers come in many different styles and shapes, modern technology can make the most sophisticated computer look like an everyday wrist watch and also have the advantage of telling the time so you can also wear it when you are not diving.

Wrist mounted computers are often a lot easier to look than Integrated console, If you are doing multiple dives over 3 or 4 days on a liveaboard then the computer is working constantly and will always show you the maximum no fly time required prior to flying at altitude

Why you need to buy a Dive Computer

Dive computers track nitrogen saturation and keep the diver aware of the acceptable safety limits, constantly tracking time and depth of each dive and between dives. They also help plan the maximum depth and dive times for repetitive dives, by calculate the minimum surface interval between dives. The main feature is the the computer will calculate the remaining bottom time (RBT) as well as displaying Depth

Not so common these days are the Integrated dive computers that tend to be fitted on a console at the end of the hi pressure hose along with other instruments like submersible pressure gauges (SPG)

Dive computers also act as log books remembering every detail about your last dive. Dive time alarms and max depth alarms make diving safer. Some dive computers use transmitters this can also give you a warning alarm when the tank pressure drops to a set pressure triggering an audible alarm

Dive computers tell divers if they are ascending with an assent rate alarm, as well as informing divers of a 5m 3 minutes safety stop.

Aqualung Brand


Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitters for Air Integrated computers

suunto diving safety recall

Air integration computers inform you of how much air is in the tank using  a wireless transmitter, the computer tracks air depletion in the tank and can trigger an audible alarm when the pressure drops to a pre set reserve.

Higher spec diving computers can even monitor your Heart rate and breathing rate telling you how fast you consume your air with each breath

Some Dive computers have built in electronic compass features, this can help you find your way around.

When buying a computer you may want to think is the computer user friendly when it comes to changing batteries, or will it need to be sent to a dealer or supplier for a replacement Battery, this dealer option will cost you more in the longer term as the Technician will replace the battery and then pressure test the computer.

Diving with Nitrox

Nearly all modern recreational computer are set up for diving on 40% EAN Nitrox, however more now allow trimix blends and multiple gas switches between dives.

Down loading dive data on some models to a pc or mobile phone,  give you the ability to look at every part of the dive in detail.

Buying Dive computers is easy – do some research look for a price and make sure that it fits your requirements and has the features you feel are worth spending your hard earned Cash.

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