Do I need to know how to swim to go scuba diving

Do I need to know how to swim to go scuba diving?

Do I need to know how to swim to go scuba diving?

Many people ask us “Do I need to be able to swim to scuba dive”? and the best reply I can say is “No you Dont”

Swimming is an activity conducted at the surface if you stop moving your arms and legs in the swimming pool or ocean you may naturally sink, in order to scuba-diving you need to be below the water.

The safest location possible for anyone who is not a good swimmer is in a swimming Pool or shallow water, where you can learn to Scuba dive safely.

The main ways to enjoy scuba-diving are to be relaxed and feel confident while learning to dive avoiding any anxiety or fear of water in a safe swimming pool environment will take the stress out of your first experience and will help you enjoy your open water discovery dives

Being submerged as a diver you may think moving around underwater is hard but its not, it’s actually easier than swimming on the surface you don’t need to move your arms around to move about and you use less energy so after time your more relaxed.

Scuba divers wear fins  to propel them through the water and move slowly around while neutrally Buoyant meaning that you only have to kick slowly to be able to move.

As a non swimmer E learning can help you overcome any fears and understand while teaching you the principle factors for safe scuba diving this is available here free under Scuba schools International online registration

As someone who may not be able to swim well in deep water or simply not that confident as a swimmer its best to visit our dive shop for the Try scuba Pool session this makes more sense if you are in any doubts about signing up and spending a lot of money on a full day on the boat trip.

If you can’t swim it’s better that you learn or try scuba-diving in a swimming pool first if you have time available this will help boost your confidence. Simply being able to stand up and talk to your instructor if you feel uneasy can also make the experience run smoothly and build confidence.

Non Swimmers can access the “Discover scuba” Pool experience that takes a few hours and you can start learning the basics for scuba diving with this entry level confined water session.

Our dive pool has 2 levels 1.2 meters and 3 meters it you start off in the shallows with your instructor getting to know the equipment then when your comfortable descend deeper so you can practice equalisation at depth. Being able to equalise is a very important factor as a beginner.

Do I need to know how to swim to go scuba diving
You don’t need to know how to swim to go scuba diving

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any sport, people like adventures and seek thrills, often not knowing the consequences or dangers associated.

Beginners go diving in Phuket each day without being a good swimmer, with the right training and after listening to some instructions from a professional diving instruction you can learn to dive.

The equipment you wear underwater is a jacket called a buoyancy control device (bcd) this helps you to become neutrally buoyant so you don’t sink to the bottom of float to the surface. Being neutrally buoyant is a bit similar to astronauts floating in space where there is no gravity. The jacket has air inside and a weight belt will also allows you to descend, after the dive the jacket will also allow you to float on the surface.

Scuba diving has risk – please watch this safety video prior to booking any beginners course.