Learn to Scuba Dive in Phuket with Phuket Dive Tours

Get the best Phuket Scuba diving courses & diver training in Thailand, our Scuba school with Private dive pool at Kata beach is the best place to learn to scuba dive and get certified in Thailand.

Learn to scuba dive today.

First of all safety first –  the best place to start learning to scuba dive  is in a Dive Pool where you can acclimatize yourself to the underwater experience of using and breathing from Scuba equipment for the first time.

Imagine learning scuba diving in Phuket as a beginner? having access to free online e learning at no additional price to the normal course price.

How about learning to scuba dive in a private dive pool? where you can swim around underwater in a large area.

Imagine following the pool session in the morning you have lunch then walk to the beach for your first open water dive in shallow tropical waters with an abundance of marine life.

Phuket Dive Tours are now one of a few phuket dive shops that has their own purpose built dive pool, our dive store and dive pool is located 120m from the famous KATA beach home reef, giving you direct access to a great scuba diving course, logistically freeing up more of you holiday time.

Young Kids can learn how to scuba dive with a scuba ranger course  for kids age 8- 10 years try scuba pool diving

Learn to Scuba Dive as a non swimmers is the safest pool option for you to gain confidence.

Learn to Scuba Dive as a beginner in a safe environment in our dive pool then head off to kata beach to complete a basic diver course.

Learn to Scuba Dive and complete your international Scuba diver licence to 12 meters in 1 Day  with pool sessions and 2 beach dives

Learn to Scuba Dive and complete a full international open water diver certification course in 2 Days

Our group sizes range from 2 to 4 students for pool training dives and open water dives.

Our dive pool was designed specifically for teaching diving courses in phuket  our most popular selling courses being the 2 Day Open water diver course  training dives and confined open water skill development, we also use the pool to teach refresher courses to open water certified divers

Learn to Scuba Dive with Free digital elearning courses.

All ours SSI scuba courses come with Free online training & digital e learning you can get start now.

Continue learning to Scuba Dive with further training.

Most divers never get sick of learning new diving skills or developing old habits. these next courses can start in the pool then take you back in the ocean to enhance what you have learned.

Learn to Scuba Dive and how to take great underwater digital photo & video.

Learn to Scuba Dive and how to achieve perfect buoyancy

Learn how to be a rescue diver

We seriously think that we have the best training facility in Thailand and the best place to learn how to scuba dive around Phuket.

Our pool dimensions are 15 meters x 8 meters  –  the water clarity is outstanding with 2 huge Sand filters pumping 1’000,s of litres of water each hour there’s no need for the water to have a hi chlorine content, our dive pool is without doubt one of the cleanest pools for learn to dive.

Our dive pool is Sponsored by Aqualung & Scuba Schools international for diver education in Phuket.