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Dive master Internship

FREE Divemaster internship to enthusiastic individuals

This year at Phuket Dive Tours we are pleased to offer a limited amount of FREE Divemaster internship to enthusiastic individuals who wish to earn the SSI Divemaster certification. In August 2018 we commenced development with the extension at our Kata beach location creating a unique dive resort & Instructor training center with a purpose […]

In Search of the Mimic Octopus at Kata Beach Scuba Diving

Mimic Octopus  Thaumoctopus Mimicus, Habitat – South East Asia and the Pacific The Mimic Octopus was only discovered in 1998 in Sulawesi, Indonesia. According to reports they have also been found on the inner parts of the Great Barrier Reef in 2012, also there have been sightings in Thailand and the Philippines Their diet is similar to other […]