Local Diving Phuket Thailand

Get the Best Phuket diving with our Local dive guides, British local guides and local dive masters, PADI Professional Instructors all have a proven track record for safe diving with extensive local dive experience and knowledge for Phuket diving.

Local diving host lots of surprises with options for shorter days trips. Heres a well kept secret for you, Local people know the best places and they also know that you dont need to sign up for boat diving day trip or need to spend all day on Phuket diving boat feeling cramped, confined and fighting for space.

Local places to stay for scuba diving.

Phuket dive tours has accommodation at the dive center this is affordable and located next to kata beach click here

Phuket diving locations.

The Western costline of Phuket has many locations suitable for a good local Dives, basically walking in from the local beaches at Nai Harn, Katatani, Kata beach, or Karon Beach to access local house reefs packed with fish and marine life. The best thing is theres a good chance you will never see any other scuba divers, you also wont be shadowed by 3 -4 large dive boats all parked up on the same dive site.

Imagine a dive where you are the sole focus of a private local guide looking for that unusual seahorse or pipe fish.  Prices start at 1,500thb

Traditional Local Diving

When I came to Thailand 10 years ago most of my dives started out from Patong Beach visiting the local reef at Paradise beach, or at Kata Beach Diving at Koh Pu. The Traditional Local fishermen using their Thai wooden Longtail boats would take 3 or 4 divers in a small group in the morning for early reef diving or later in the afternoon. These diving locations are not world class, however they are ideal for beginners as well as Advanced divers who like to look for the smaller stuff and have a Unique experience for diving in Phuket. Longtail diving is not for everyone its for the outgoing individual who loves Culture and personal attention someone who values doing something slightly different from conventional scuba.

Local dives at Koh Pu & Karon Rock  please add Boat rental extra charge at 1900 thb (minimum of 4) divers

PADI Discover Local diving

The best local diving can be found a hares breath from Kata Beach as theres more juvenile species than some of the better phuket diving locations. PADI Discover Local diving is an orientation at a new or unfamiliar diving enviroment, with a local orientation being provided by a local diving shop.

Often this can be pre booked with us so that we can ensure that you scuba dive with an experienced local dive guide professional, this way you relax and we take all the stress out of planning the dive.

Your Local Phuket PADI Divemaster or Guide will Help you

  • Set up Your equipment
  • Brief you on the dive site conditions hazzards and Points of Interest.
  • Point out the marine life you are likely to see.
  • special procedures used locally for safe diving

Phuket diving Season ?

The Best local phuket diving is from December to April the dry season little wind no rain and very warm weather, this is when the water is clear and the and Andaman sea is at its calmest.

Diving in Phuket between December and January  – this is the peak Diving hi season when most day trip boats are fully booked and over sold. When Diving at Local Dive sites you avoid the main Circus, numerous dive boats at the same location all waiting to Jump in, or hundreds of divers at the same reef at the same time.

Advantages of Local diving.

  • Shorter Days – Half Days or less depending on 1 or 2 dives
  • No Rush – Local dives have Longer surface intervals if doing more than 1 Dive
  • Shorter travelling times to dive sites  –
  • Seeing More fish than scuba divers when your underwater
  • Shallower dives often meaning longer dives 60mins
  • Local unique Marine life more diverse

You can contact us at any time to discuss local diving at the beach, or by Local longtail or speedboat diving for smaller Group diving half day and Full day, with local guides and local dive masters all experienced Professionals with a proven track record for safe diving with extensive local dive knowledge.