Diving at the king cruiser wreck

Phuket diving sites – Our insight into the best local wrecks and reefs around Phuket

The Best scuba diving sites around Phuket.

The Best Diving sites and dive season never really close, they’re open most of the year which is the main reason why Phuket attracts more and more scuba divers each year than any other area in Thailand! For most Scuba Divers finding the right information can get quite frustrating when planning a diving Holiday in Phuket.

Here’s an informative overview of what marine life Big or small you can expect to encounter, we hope this will give you a better understanding of what’s available, as well as some ideas for the best scuba diving day trips in Phuket.

King Cruiser

King cruiser is an advanced dive site it’s a 20-year-old wreck that sank under a big question mark. Was it off course and accidentally run aground Anemone reef? or was it purposefully sank by the ship’s owner the day before the insurance was due to run out? We will never know but either way, it’s a world-class dive site.

Koh Doc Mai

Koh Doc Mai means flower island and has two contrasting different diving sites depending on what side of the island you are diving. This Huge Tree topped Jungle island has 2 main sites on the North, East, and South there’s a dramatic sloping wall covered in Oyster clams, large gorgonian sea fans & Barrel sponges, this is a healthy living reef that has 2 small caves. The western side has a smaller sloping dive site that’s totally different from the other sides. Watch the dive site video to get a feel for what you can expect to see.

Anemone Reef

Located a short distance from (Hin Jom) or Shark Point, the Anemone reef diving site is a very Large Limestone submerged Pinnacle that stands around 30m from the sand Bottom and extends to around 4m just below the surface.  The reef is historically well-known as a shipping hazard to most boat captains. This Phuket diving site gets its name from the dominant anemone that saturates the site watch the dive site video if planning to book a day trip.

Phi Phi Island Diving

Phi Phi island has some great diving sites and the best ones are located at the Southern end of the island group at Phi Phi diving at Koh Bida Nok and Phi Phi diving sites at Koh Bida Nai both great place to look and watch for sharks. Palong Wall and Turtle rock are also top dive sites to visit again for sharks and Turtles. Watch our video to get an overall opinion of the marine life you can encounter when diving at Phi Phi Diving sites.

Racha Yai Diving

Racha Yai Island has many dive sites depending on the time of year and the season you visit will dictate which dive site you can access. Bungalow Bay, has north and south reefs that are rocky shorelines Lucys Reef, Staghorn,

Racha Noi Diving

Located 40 Minutes South of Racha Yai Island is “Racha Noi” this uninhabited Island has some excellent Phuket diving sites on the eastern coast line with good visibility all year round. The Eastern Coastline reefs and dive sites are dominated by large Granite rocks, hard and soft corals, and white sandy bottoms and are the perfect location for finding the odd Whale sharks, Manta Rays, and Leopard Sharks. Eastern Dive sites have shallow water diving available for new divers at Banana Bay & Racha Noi Bay Dive sites, while the adventurous experienced diver can venture to the most famous diving location called “South Tip”.  It’s worth noting that the Western sites have equally as good diving sites, Marina Bay, and Maritas Rock.

Shark Point Diving

Shark point is easily rated as number 1 of the best Phuket diving sites hosting the richest marine habitats with a density and diversity of reef and sea life seldom seen in the Phuket Region. Shark Point is known in Thai as Hing Mu Sang and is made up of several underwater Pinnacles most divers presume there are only 3 dive sites but there are actually 7 sites in total, most day trips dive the larger 1st & 2nd Pinnacles that start at the north and Identified by the rock outcropping marked with a cross to warn of larger ships.

Similan Islands

Diving with Whale Sharks at Similan Islands Thailand.

Koh Bon