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Diving reviews for Phuket Dive Tours, here’s the most up to date list of recent reviews supplied in conjunction with Trip adviser.
Read from customers perspective of their own experiences while taking dive courses and scuba diving day trips.

This was our second time diving with Phuket Dive Tours so we already knew the standard would be high. The Freedom Dolphin was a very well outfitted boat with plenty of space for everyone to sit or lie on the long ride to Phi Phi. We were fed so well… breakfast and lunch with vegetarian options. There was coffee/tea and great chocolate biscuits that we snacked on all day!
When the dives started, the crew were really helpful in gearing us up and getting us safely in and out of the water.
We did 3 dives in pretty lousy conditions ( rain/chop) but our dive master Simon knew how to make the best of it. By patiently waiting in the right spot, we saw a reef shark on the first dive. He kept an eye out for all the interesting creatures and led us away from other diver traffic as much as possible. He was friendly and communicative and we thoroughly enjoyed our day, despite it starting in the pouring rain
Would highly recommend David, his dive masters and the Freedom Dolphin crew. Can’t wait to return.

I did 3 days of diving with Phuket Dive Tours. We went out on really nice boats and were very well taken care of. I dived in very small groups and felt safe and taken care of the whole time. We saw some great marine life.

David and his crew are a well oiled machine. Everything went seamlessly and smoothly from the pickup at the shop to the deepest dives. My instructor Mikael, could not have been better. Mikael asked me for any constructive criticism and I was hard pressed to find anything to complain about during the whole experience. Boat was great, setting up the dives was smooth, dives were great, instructor was phenomenal.

June 16,2017

Me and two friends has the pleasure of going on a scuba trip with PDT and had an absolute blast. David (the company owner) and Bryan (our scuba guide/instructor) were both excellent. Though the trip got off to a potentially rough start (I woke up with minor swimmers ear and we missed the arranged shuttle and had to take a taxi to the harbor) it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. David arranged to have us reimbursed for the taxi ride, and Bryan was more than accommodating of my ear issue and helped me take the dive slow to ensure I had not problems. Past this point, it was smooth sailing, the boat was very comfortable, breakfast and lunch were delicious, and the scuba instruction was fantastic. We got two dives in and got to see a good variety of wildlife, I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone considering diving in Phuket.

June 10, 2017 

Went with Brian as our instructor and couldn’t have had a better day! Great food and a very nice staff along with great diving, couldn’t be happier!

Okay. Let me start off by saying I absolutely was certain that I did NOT want to scuba dive mainly because I’m deathly afraid of deep waters. It’s a sense of losing control, and not being able to put my feet down for balance drives me off the walls. (I’m moderate when it comes to swimming). I did it 1) to experience it with my new fiancé, and 2) to starve any doubt in my mind when fear controls me. It took me a few minutes to get in and I cried like a baby, but the main guy (who lead everything) talked positively and encouraged me to dive in. The experience is surreal. You have your safety vest that controls your ability to float and sink, and your guide will be with you every part of the way. Our instructor Mike was amazing. He’s been diving for years, and has extreme patience. He also has a sense of calmness that has a great impact on your energy. It allowed me to feel at peace, and helped me live in the moment vs worrying about what could go wrong. If you’re anyone like me who has a fear of waters, please do this for me and most importantly for yourself. This isn’t only about the dive, but you will also gain confidence that will translate into your life as well. Please visit Phuket dive tours to be with experienced & informative people like Mike.

June 5, 2017

I have to say this was one of the best dives I have had. Sam, our dive master, had so much info on the sea life for our dive. He also pointed us in the right direction for some of the night life in Thailand. I also have to give a shout out to David Hall, his communication prior to us arriving was top notch!

Totally would recommend using Phuket Dive Tours to anyone. Thanks Sam & Dave for making it a great trip

I had a fantastic time completing my advanced open water with Bryan from Phuket Dive Tours. Bryan was full of great local knowledge and took the time to ensure each dive was rewarding and educational. Customer service was exceptional from start to finish. Some unforgettable memories!

I’m a few months late with this review, but it was an incredible experience. Mike Forsman was the best instructor we could ever ask to receive! During the boat ride out we were able to relax, eat breakfast and Mike gave us our orientation. My husband and I snorkel frequently and had done snuba before, so we weren’t nervous about scuba diving for the first time. My husband was a natural, but I had a problem with the regulator and mask exercise (my fault) and became apprehensive. I gestured to return to the surface and I practiced there and still had a problem (again, my error). I was ready to quit and just sit on the boat. Mike is the scuba diver whisperer! He quickly calmed me down, had me focus, and I was back 30 feet under in less than 5 minutes. We had a great time, and came back on the boat for lunch. For our second dive we practiced the exercises again at the surface to make sure I was comfortable, then went back under for another wonderful experience. If it weren’t for Mike I’m sure I’d never have the confidence to try scuba diving again. Thank you!

May 30, 2017

Would like to start by saying I was a little nervous to go diving. But from the moment my two friends and I arrived for our instructor Micke made us feel safe and welcomed. He went above and beyond to ensure we were having fun, while simultaneously receiving skill instructions to prepare us to be successful at diving.
Micke was always patient and kind to us and made our scuba experience one that will last a lifetime. Micke is an amazing instructor and you can tell he really had a gift for carrying about others.
Everything throughout scuba diving experience was amazing. The people, food, staff. This includes our dives as well, got the privilege to see some amazing marine life and make some awesome friends
Overall if you plan to go to Thailand please visit Phuket Dive Tours. Incredible experience and you won’t regret it.

Scuba diving in Thailand was the highlight of the trip. I had heard good things about Phuket Dive Tours, and my expectations were exceeded! First and foremost, my group’s instructor was Micke (pronounced “Mike”), and he has an incredible gift for teaching. I began the training with no idea what I was doing and couldn’t even use a snorkel; trust me, if Micke could bring me from 0 to 100, he can do it for anyone. Micke did an incredible job of transitioning me to the point where I can now dive effortlessly. He was so patient and easy to get along with; it was obvious that everyone there loved him, as well. It is not often that I can share a good laugh and have excellent conversation with an instructor who can also teach at such a high level. So many good memories, lessons, and tips…all packed into 3 days. Overall, this is the best company to book with in Thailand, and Micke is the best of the best. I can’t emphasize enough how quality of a job Micke did — definitely ask for Micke when you book your dives! I hope I have the chance to dive with Micke again, in the future!

I finished my Open water course with my friend here.
It was my first dive experience but Bryan(our instructor) taught us everything about Open water dive~ We could trust him and learned how to dive properly~ I definitely Hope to visit again in the future for Advance dive course~

Two of us were guided by our instructor Simon who was experienced and could definitely teach everything you need to know in the Scuba diving beginner course. The whole tour was great.

I’m going to start that communication was easy and David was very good about answering questions.
My brother, girlfriend, and I signed up for the Open water certification training. We had Micke as an instructor and I CANNOT say enough good things about him. He was patient, cool, and very good at teaching the content. We can all honestly say we felt comfortable and safe throughout the whole learning process as well as the dives themselves.
I’m sure the whole crew is amazing but I can say Micke is absolutely incredible. You need to preference him if you’re looking to get diving lessons!

hello , i have done my first scuba dive with phuket dive tours , i m pleased with what i was experienced. Simon is a very good and experienced diver.

Unforgettable amazing diving experience for me. I once almost got drowned in the sea, so at first I felt quite nervous and anxious about diving in Phuket. However Sam is professional and gave us necessary knowledge for underwater and great sense of security. At the final dive, I can say I truly fell in love with diving and be ready to have next amazing dive with Phuket dive tours.
P.S. the food on boat is awesome!!

Just completed my open water course with Phuket Dive Tours. Online booking and payment process was quick and easy. Did all the theory study back at home before my trip and that made the course a lot more relaxing in Phuket. Originally booked 2 beach dives and 2 boat dives, unfortunately the waters were too rough to proceed with the beach dives due to it being low season, but was easy enough to swap it to 4 boat dives a couple of days before the course, and in the end went for five boat dives to take advantage of the different dive sites.

A big thank you to David Hall, for his good organisation skills and promptness in his responses. He was always available, easy to reach and answered all my questions prior to my trip. Transportation, training, equipment and boat hire all went smoothly.

I owe my deepest gratitude to my instructor, Mike Forsman. His passion for diving, the sea and teaching was evident from day one. It is a real pleasure to work with someone who loves what they do. Mike is a great motivator, knowledgable, skilful, patient, approachable but most importantly he made the course very fun and enjoyable. We saw some amazing marine life in the water, there really is so much more to learn about the sea. Mike’s professionalism and approach to teaching has really surpassed my expectation I had for this course.

Again, I would like to thank the Phuket Dive Tours team for making this such a lovely experience for me, keep up the good work and hope to dive with you again.

We,ve been toutored by Mike a proffesional instructor. Weather was beautiful and we were able to see fantastyczne sealife. Mike guided us through reefs and searched for domek hardly to find species. He gave us complementary instructions and provided a lot of handful tips. We,ve had 3 meals during the cursus which were delicious. Would dive again! – Zuzanna and Marcin

Did my OW and AOW over 2 weekends. David and André did everything possible to make my first diving experience the best it could be given my schedule, the weather and boat availability. Recommended.

Great dives with Andre for 2 days, and he was a great and professional instructor and lead us very well. Feel safe every dives with him. Definitely will be back for him when I come back next time! Wish you all the best Andre! Thank…More

This was my second time engaging PDT services; clearly the first time was brilliant hence the second. Andre was the instructor for the 2-day dive trip for me and my friend. If you haven’t dove for long and/or need guidance to improve your diving skills, he’s the go-to person. My friend was a testament to Andre’s guidance. She had trouble w her buoyancy and gets panic easily.
After the first day dive w Andre, her buoyancy improved tremendously and her basic diving skills are in place (there are videos to prove, again thanks to Andre for capturing such moments!). She even learnt how to use the dive computer just after the first dive on Day 1.
Keep up the awesome passionate work that you guys are doing and i look forward to engaging PDT again!

What an absolutely amazing 3 days learning how to dive in the open water!! It was a definite highlight of our trip! Learning this skill has made me so excited to continue diving and see even more ocean life.
Our instructor, mike, was brilliant, such a great teacher and genuinely nice guy. He explained everything perfectly and knew just how to make us feel calm and relaxed. He also took fantastic photos and videos with his professional camera
We saw loads of marine life including lovely puffer fish, an octopus, a string ray, lion fish, barracudas and sooooo many more!
I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Thanks Mike for such a brilliant time!

Firstly I would like too say after 8 months of traveling Asia this is defiantly a highlight of my trip.
I can’t commend Mike highly enough on the three days he helped teach and guide us through our 3 day open water PADI course.
His passion and knowledge about diving was evident from the start and you could tell he loved teaching. That with his good sense of humour made it an awesome experience to learn to dive!
Everything else was great too. From the communication with the company, the transport, the lunch, the list could go on. I really couldn’t fault anything!
Cheers again Mike and the rest of the team. Ps his photography skills are class as well

Amazing value. Large ship, 3 meals, 3 long dives, great instructor (Sam). Does not get any better in Thailand

Could not recommend this dive company highly enough! Finished my open water course with them yesterday after partaking with my fiancee, who had some issues and fear while learning. However our instructor Micke was extremely patient with her and his teaching style was absolutely brilliant. During our trip back to phuket on the boat he asked us for some constructive criticism on his teaching style. For the life if me I actually couldn’t muster a single bad thing to say about him. On top of that it wasn’t just Micke who was a genuine lovely person. Everybody I met in the company was just as welcoming and friendly. If I’m in phuket again and fancy a dive. I will undoubtedly use this company again. So massive thanks to dive tours Phuket for a fantastic introduction to diving and teach me the ways.

Absolutely buzzing following my open water certification The last 3 days have been unforgettable, for all the right reasons!
If you’re looking to do any scuba diving, either introductory, the open water course or more advanced, then I would highly recommend getting to Phuket and using these guys. Reasonably priced and fantastic service. All staff we came into contact with were incredibly friendly and helpful making the whole experience a pleasure.
Cannot rate Mike Forsman, our legendary instructor, enough. At one point the fear and panic was really getting to me, but he remained amazingly patient with me throughout the entire course and if it wasn’t for his constant encouragment, reassurance and support I would have given up on day 1! Rather than pushing me out of my comfort zone too much too soon, Mike remained calm and allowed me to progress at my own pace. Literally cannot recommend him, or this company highly enough.
The transport to and from the pier was stress free and reliable. The boat we were on provided a good selection of meals, as well as snacks, soft drinks and hot drinks throughout the day!
The dive sites we visited were fantastic and we saw a massive range of aquatic life such as; Big fin reef squid, octopus, banded sea snakes, triggerfish, barracuda, kuhl sting rays, coral banded cleaner shrimp, moray, Pacific lion fish, Golden trevally, clown fish, giant puffer fish and hundreds of other types of really colourful fish!! It was amazing
So, if you’re considering using this company, you should totally go for it!!! And if you’re lucky enough to get Mike as your instructor, I can guarantee you will find the whole experience just as enjoyable as I have!!!! Would have given 10 stars !!!!!

Sam’s communication was superb from the moment we arrived at the pier to the moment we parted ways at the end of the day. He kept us informed of the schedule, the dive sites, talked about other dive options for future trips, and gave us insights into what we would likely see and experience while underwater. We did two dives at the Phi Phi Islands and a third dive at Koh Dok Mai. Our group of 4 was well taken care of and we would dive with Sam again in a heartbeat. Thanks again Sam and Phuket Dive Tours for an amazing diving experience!

Went diving w dive master Simon for the second time on my second trip here in Phuket. He ensured that I was briefed probably about all the diving procedures and make sure I had a safe and fun diving experience. Strongly recommend diving with him!

I choose to get my open water certification in Phuket vs. the ever popular Kao Tao and so glad I did. Although it cost slightly more there were so many benefits. We had two of us with one instructor. It was very personalized and I felt that our instructor Sean took it very seriously and was so calm and patient with us. So much that we both got the hang of it quickly without fear. Sean was very professional and taught us everything to meet our certification. We did our homework (videos and reading) before hand, spent 1 day in pool and 2 days doing dives. We did 6 dives in total.

I called on a Thursday and David the owner was super quick to respond, I was signed up and had my training materials by noon. He was very responsive, which is helpful when things tend to move slower on this side of the world and I didn’t have to wait around wondering when I could start. He really worked with me. If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer. I highly recommend this company!!!!

We did the three dive tour in Phi Phi Islands. I had lots of questions and David took the time to patiently answer all questions over email, including accommodating me with an integrated BCD. Once on the ground we were well informed and picked up on time at our hotel in the Karon Beach area. Our adventure started and our guide Bryan Donaldson was absolutely fantastic and easy going. he took the time to bring us up to speed on everything. We dived at Ko Phi Phi Le (near Maya Bay), Koh Bida Nok and Shark Point. The boat was large and comfortable, staff was pleasant and the food was good as well. I would definitely book again. Thank you Phuket Dive Tours!

Had a wonderful experience with this dive shop. Traveling from NY and being a fair diver, I had concerns about being out of the country by myself diving. Sam was wonderful, and David was quick to respond with any and all questions I had by email. Great experience and wonderful diving! Thank you!

We are a group of three friends that arrived in Phuket the day before, not really planned anything in advance, and had decided that diving was something we wanted to do. We phoned up the number on the website and had a really quick response from David. He was very helpful and arranged the trip the same afternoon. David also arranged drivers to pick us up from our hotel as it was a bit out of way from the coaches.
The diving trip itself was smooth, the boat was clean, and food was provided for with no extra charge after each dive. The instructors Andre and Bryan really put us at ease as we have not dived before and went through the essentials and reassured that we will be diving at shallower waters before going deeper.
We managed to get confident after the first dive and we managed to see a lot of marine life in the second and third. In addition they have also been taking photos and videos so our friends are not missing out on what we have missed. So overall the strong recommendation for first time divers!

It was a great experience with phuket dive tour, they did a great work especially manager, david and instructor Sam. Had a great day with them

David Hall organized an excellent PADI Open Water course with Andre Jensen (my dive instructor). I had an absolutely fantastic time, and developed a new passion for scuba, which I was effectively new to.
David was highly responsive and organized when I reached out to him. He provided materials in advance and, importantly, made the effort to accommodate my goals , schedule, etc. in developing the course. Before the course even started things were off to a good start.
The course was well done and highly personalized. Andre took only myself and one other student on in the course. Andre gave excellent and detailed instruction and adopted his plans and techniques to our levels.
Andre also took us out to some amazing dive sites and was very helpful in making sure we were confident going into each situation. Along the way, we saw sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, among seemingly thousands of other forms of marine life.
After completing the Open Water Course, I decided to continue on with additional coursework / dives because I enjoyed my first dives so much. Andre took me on my first wreck dive, deep dive, and taught nitrox. Once again, the dives were excellent, as was Andre’s instruction. The experience was again personalized, with just me and one other student.
Both Andre and Dave were very personable and made the entire experience a lot of fun (in addition to just learning to dive). Andre compiled a video of the experience plus photos, which were epic and will help to keep the memories.
I’m new to diving, but now feel confident in my abilities and love the sport. I plan on going again as soon as I can, and will certainly go through David and Andre when I do. I highly recommend Phuket Dive Tours to anyone looking to learn scuba and have an amazing time while doing it.

Three of us complete beginners wanted to go scuba diving for the first time in Phuket.
We organised the day before by calling David, who organised everything quickly and painlessly.
Even booked us a round trip taxi from accommodation for reasonable rate.
The boat that took us to the dive location was much nicer than we expected. We were expecting basic food but actually received a great continental breakfast, restaurant quality Thai lunch and pancakes after third dive.
The dives themselves were amazing. First our instructors Andre and Bryan explained how to operate the equipment and the went in good detail into how to dive, practising on land.
The dives were a lot of fun, they took us at just the right pace and we saw a decent amount of marine life at racha yai and racha noi. Very personalised support from instructors.
Overall highly recommend!

We did the three dive tour in Phi Phi Islands. I had lots of questions and David took the time to patiently answer all questions over email, including accommodating me with an integrated BCD. Once on the ground we were well informed and picked up on time at our hotel in the Karon Beach area. Our adventure started and our guide Bryan Donaldson was absolutely fantastic and easy going. he took the time to bring us up to speed on everything. We dived at Ko Phi Phi Le (near Maya Bay), Ko Bida Noc and Shark Point. The boat was large and comfortable, staff was pleasant and the food was good as well. I would definitely book again. Thank you Phuket Dive Tours!

May 11, 2017

Sam was great! 

Had a wonderful experience with this dive shop. Traveling from NY and being a fair diver, I had concerns about being out of the country by myself diving. Sam was wonderful, and David was quick to respond with any and all questions I had by email. Great experience and wonderful diving! Thank you!

May 11, 2017

We are a group of three friends that arrived in Phuket the day before, not really planned anything in advance, and had decided that diving was something we wanted to do. We phoned up the number on the website and had a really quick response from David. He was very helpful and arranged the trip the same afternoon. David also arranged drivers to pick us up from our hotel as it was a bit out of way from the coaches.
The diving trip itself was smooth, the boat was clean, and food was provided for with no extra charge after each dive. The instructors Andre and Bryan really put us at ease as we have not dived before and went through the essentials and reassured that we will be diving at shallower waters before going deeper.
We managed to get confident after the first dive and we managed to see a lot of marine life in the second and third. In addition they have also been taking photos and videos so our friends are not missing out on what we have missed.
So overall the strong recommendation for first time divers!

May 10, 2017

It was a great experience with phuket dive tour, they did a great work especially manager, david and instructor Sam. Had a great day with them

May 10, 2017

David Hall organized an excellent PADI Open Water course with Andre Jensen (my dive instructor). I had an absolutely fantastic time, and developed a new passion for scuba, which I was effectively new to.
David was highly responsive and organized when I reached out to him. He provided materials in advance and, importantly, made the effort to accommodate my goals , schedule, etc. in developing the course. Before the course even started things were off to a good start.
The course was well done and highly personalized. Andre took only myself and one other student on in the course. Andre gave excellent and detailed instruction and adopted his plans and techniques to our levels.
Andre also took us out to some amazing dive sites and was very helpful in making sure we were confident going into each situation. Along the way, we saw sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, among seemingly thousands of other forms of marine life.
After completing the Open Water Course, I decided to continue on with additional coursework / dives because I enjoyed my first dives so much. Andre took me on my first wreck dive, deep dive, and taught nitrox. Once again, the dives were excellent, as was Andre’s instruction. The experience was again personalized, with just me and one other student.
Both Andre and Dave were very personable and made the entire experience a lot of fun (in addition to just learning to dive). Andre compiled a video of the experience plus photos, which were epic and will help to keep the memories.
I’m new to diving, but now feel confident in my abilities and love the sport. I plan on going again as soon as I can, and will certainly go through David and Andre when I do. I highly recommend Phuket Dive Tours to anyone looking to learn scuba and have an amazing time while doing it.

May 8, 2017 

Three of us complete beginners wanted to go scuba diving for the first time in Phuket. We organised the day before by calling David, who organised everything quickly and painlessly. Even booked us a round trip taxi from accommodation for reasonable rate.The boat that took us to the dive location was much nicer than we expected. We were expecting basic food but actually received a great continental breakfast, restaurant quality Thai lunch and pancakes after third dive. The dives themselves were amazing. First our instructors Andre and Bryan explained how to operate the equipment and the went in good detail into how to dive, practising on land. The dives were a lot of fun, they took us at just the right pace and we saw a decent amount of marine life at racha yai and racha noi. Very personalised support from instructors.
Overall highly recommend!

May 7, 2017 

We had excellent dive instructors and the dive was great. This was our first ocean dive and our instructors were very helpful and we felt safe. We also received a free dive.

May 7, 2017

We were a group of three and dove with instructor Bryan and Dive Master John. We had a fantastic day! Bryan gave us great dive briefings including fish identification for what we may see during the dive. Both Bryan and John were great at pointing out interesting marine life throughout the dive and looking after us throughout the dive. Bryan took some amazing photos of us during the dive and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They both made our day a really great experience.
The company switches between boats depending on where you are going that day – we visiting phi phi don and phi phi yai and the boat we were on was fantastic. We had a small buffet style breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea with free drinks throughout the day.
Thank you Bryan and John for an epic day!!

May 6, 2017 

We booked our dives with David through Phuket Dive Tours, great communication and prices! By booking for 2 divers we received free equipment rental and our own tour guide, Sam. We dived King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai. All three were amazing dives. Sam was a great guide, very familiar with all the dive sites (knew a seahorse’s hiding spot) and took along a camera to take photos of the marine life and ourselves – these photos are available for purchase from him and are definitely worth it! The 3 package dives in 1 day makes for a long day but worth it for the time you spend out there. I would definitely recommend Phuket Dive Tours, and if you can get Sam as your guide, you’ll be set!

May 5, 2017 

It was my favorite experience with Phuket dive tours. They treated us as a friend. Good service. Everyone is nice and friendly. I hope to join the diving team again.

May 5, 2017

Having been on an enjoyable discovery dive in Phillipines recently we had high expectations of Phuket Dive tours when my wife and I booked with them to do our Padi Open water certification.
Fortunately they were amazing in every way.
David Hall, the manager of PDT was professional and flexible which was really appreciated particularly as we needed to break the course up over 4 days instead of 3.
Then when it came to our instructor, Lucky Sam Kelly, I was truely impressed by his ability to provide highly detailed practical training while maintaing a great level of enthusiam during the course.
My wife and I had different levels of ability and he was able to work with that and ensured we both developed as divers.
Having observed the other instructors from other companies on the dive boat, it was clear to us Sam Kelly was a fantastic instructor!
The boat we went on was one of the better ones taking off from the pier. The crew were great and the food was pretty good too!
Overall hugely recommended. We will certainly be back to do our advanced course in the coming 12 months.

May 3, 2017

Without a doubt this was the highlight of our holiday.
I had no experience with scuba diving before and did the Discover dive tour. David made organising the trip very easy and the hotel pick up and drop off made the whole day seamless. Our diving instructor Simon was a real top bloke, explained everything very thoroughly and really gave us the chance to properly enjoy the experience. We did two 50 minute dives in stunningly warm crystal clear water. The meals provided on board were delicious and plentiful and the between dive water slide was an excellent touch. Really could not recommend this trip more, if we hadn’t had our flights booked already we’d have signed up for the PADI course right then and there.

May 3, 2017 

Thanks to Mike Forsman my first ever scuba diving adventure was a complete success! Mike was a great guy to get to know over our 3 day course and an amazing instructor. Very patient and easy going guy and very knowledgeable when it comes to the diving world. The courses were easy to sign up online and doing the course work before will save you lots of time. Thanks for an amazing time and helping getting me open water certified Mike! P.s come to Florida to dive 🙂

May 2, 2017

I had a great experience getting my PADI Open Water certification from PDT. The signing up process and communication prior to the trip was very easy and professional with David, and being able to do self-study for the theory part was very helpful. He was also attentive during and after the course; checking in and making sure I am having a good experience.
I had Andre and Sam as my instructors, who were both great. I had a tough first day at the pool, but Andre was very understanding, patient, and encouraging. I came back the second day to complete the pool training and all the open water dives with Sam, who made it all seem quite easy and very enjoyable for a nervous first-timer!
Everyone we encountered at PDT were professional, pleasant, very good at and very passionate about what they do, which definitely made the difference. All in all, we had a great 3 days’ and hope to go back again!

April 29, 2017

We booked my Advance Open Water course and a dive trip for my wife all in one. David was amazing with responding to our emails and coordinating, we gave him our weight and measurements, and when we showed up all our gear was packed, ready to go and fit perfectly. They picked us up from our guest House both mornings and dropped us off after which is a huge perk. Everyone we met from this company was so nice and welcoming, and comfort is key when you’re about to go 80ft under water, in an ocean you’ve never been to before.
My Instructor Sam Kelly was amazing and very knowledgeable. His energy made the whole experience better. Having not dove in about 2 months and I had personally never done a boat dive, he made the experience feel like I had done it a hundreds times before. Sam was very patient with his teachings and very helpful when needed, and he took fantastic pictures all while guiding us through all our dive sites in PiPi Island, Shark Point, Racha Yao, and Anemone Reef.
We will definitely come back to dive with them!

April 27, 2017

This no frills but highly professional outfit offer a wealth of experience and value-for-money opportunities to complete courses while enjoying some of the world’s top dive sites. I was fortunate enough to complete the Rescue course with Sean, whose real world know-how, patience and professionalism gave the course an edge whilst being a fun and immensely rewarding experience. 3 days incl. EFR (first aid) is all that’s needed, just make sure you allow enough time to go diving afterwards. Completing part of it online will also free up some time. Highly recommended.

April 26, 2017 

I went out on an excellent 3 tank dive trip with dive master Mikael Forsman today. The trip was a complete success due to his diligence and calm demeanor. Thank you sir it was a great experience!

April 26, 2017

We’ve had 3 dive with Simon in Pipi island. Actually we didn’t expect much, because our main plan is diving in ko tao. But Simon made us to have a wonderful moments into the see. We saw many sea creatures and beautiful spot as well. He tried to explain everything specifically to us. We were so touched about his attitude and knowledge. If we come back to Phuket for diving, we will definitely choose Phuket dive tour!! Thank you for everything!

April 25, 2017 

Mikael Forsman was an amazing instructor! He made the act of diving so calming and easy! We dove for the first time at Ko Racha Noi and Ko Racha Yai! It was great that each group was small so that you got a one-on-one experience with the instructor! Phuket Dive Tours really knows how to make diving an unforgettable adventure!

April 24, 2017

My friend and I dove for the first time with Phuket Dive Tours. We went on a day trip to Racha Noi and Racha Yai with instructor Mikael and it was a blast! Mikael was very informative, helpful, and patient with us. The photos from the trip were awesome and we had so much fun! Definitely one of our favorite experiences throughout our trip in Thailand. We had never dove before, but easily got the techniques down, I would recommend these guys if you have never dove before! There wasn’t too much down time between dives which was great because we didn’t feel like we were sitting around too much and the lunch provided was excellent! Loved this experience, thanks Mikael!

April 24, 2017

We had a great 3 day diving trip with Sam Kelly, great at photography and lovely instructor to dive with. Safe and thorough throughout. We were recommended this company by an instructor friend and it was seriously a great choice!
Would happily go with them and Sam – again!
Highly recommended.

April 21, 2017

We spent a great couple of days diving with Simon from Phuket Dive Tours. It had been a while since our last dive so we spent the first day quickly going through a refresher before heading out to Kata beach for a couple of beach dives. Simon really made us feel comfortable and we quickly got back into the swing of things. We were surprised with just how much sea life there was right off the beach and it was a perfect site to build up our confidence for a 3 dive trip the next day. As we were returning to the shore after the second dive an octopus crawled out of Simon’s BCD! The following day we headed out to dive the king cruiser ship wreck, shark point and koh doc mai. The boat was easily the most luxurious dive boat we’ve been on and we were constantly served the most delicious food so there was no danger of going hungry. Simon was a fantastic guide all day, giving full briefings before each dive and leading us away from the crowds so we would have the best experience. He also has an awesome underwater camera and took some truly amazing pictures of us so we will always be reminded of our awesome dives in phuket! Would whole heartedly recommend phuket dive tours.

April 21, 2017

I signed up for the 3 Days PADI Open Water Diving course with Phuket Dive Tours and was assigned to an amazing instructor, Mike Forsman. With no diving experience previously and limited swimming skills, I was certified as PADI Scuba Diver. Won’t be able to do it without this great instructor, who guided, coached and encouraged me throughout the journey. An unforgettable experience and the dive sites – Racha Yai & Racha Noi are simply beautiful. Highly recommend to those who wants to try diving and loves diving!

April 18, 2017

I had never been scuba diving before and wanted to see how I liked it before taking the full course to get certified. Mikael Forsman was my instructor and he was awesome! I highly recommend diving through this company. I booked online and they sent someone right to the hotel to pick me up.

April 18, 2017

I registered for the Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Diver courses with Phuket Dive Tours. Sam Kelly, my dive master, was amazing and provided many useful and practical guidance during my courses. I enjoyed very much diving with Sam! The arrangement of the tour was great too, we don’t have to worry about the transportation and meals. They provide the one-stop services from hotel pick up, breakfast, lunch and nice equipment. I loved the food on boat which were very good!! Will never forget this valuable experience and I highly recommend this company to those who are looking for dive tours in Phuket!

April 18, 2017 

Great trip would recommend. Well taken care of by Simon our instructor. Very patient and accomodating to all our needs.

April 17, 2017

We did the advanced open water certification with them. Everything went really smoothly. it was all really well planned out, and they even picked us up from our hotel. Micke Forsman, our instructor, was great. He was very helpful and informative, as well as just generally being a swell guy. We would definitely dive with Phuket Dive Tours again!

April 17, 2017

We really enjoyed our dive trip with the amazing dives at Koh Phi Phi. Andrej was an amazing dive master and showed us a lot of nice fishes. The boat was also really good, nice food and kind and helpfull staff. We really recommend this diving school and if we had more time we would spend more time with this diving shool. Thanks for the great day, we will never forget.

April 17, 2017 

We visited phuket with 4 People. We wrote phuket dive tours for a fun dive Trip the day before. They answered pretty fast and we got an amazing instructor Andre the next day only for us. Got picked up from the hotel, got breakfast, got a clean and modern boat and very good equipment, got nice lunch and 3 amazing fun dives, we saw great things at the dive spots, I could add so much great things – it was really amazing. We can recommend dive tours to everyone

April 16, 2017

I did a 3 dive trip in the phi phi islands with a buddy of mine. I hadn’t gone diving in quite some time, our guide Simon did a great job giving a refresher. He was very knowledgeable about the sites and we saw a lot of great sea life. Everything from the hostel transfer to the meals were taken care of by the dive company.

April 16, 2017

I booked the trip with David Hall, who made sure to ask all the right questions to insure a smooth experience. Pickup from the hotel was timely. Went from Chalong Pier in Phuket out to Ko Phi Phi for a 3-tank dive. The boat was well appointed, with enough room to relax on the way out, and places to catch some rays or some shade – whichever you want. The food on board was some of the best I’ve had in Phuket as well.

Our instructor, Lucky Sam Kelly, did a fantastic job. He made sure our group were all on the same page and that our gear was properly set up. In addition to leading us on our 3 dives (Ko Bida Nok, Turtle Point, Shark Point), he shared lots of conversation about everything from the dive sites, local fish, dive gear, restaurants, and Phuket in general. He took some awesome photos (available for purchase), and let me test out a red light filter for my GoPro. Visibility was great, and we got to see a variety of species – a sea turtle, lionfish, stingray, barracuda, and moray eel, in addition to lots of tropical fish and coral.

April 16, 2017 

I did an incredible three tank dive with Phuket Dive Tours in the Phi Phi Islands and Shark Point. I hadn’t dived in two years and Simon, our dive master, was patient, professional and thorough. I am a solo traveler and Simon made sure I was buddied up, making me feel comfortable with the pre-dive briefings and sticking by me to make sure I was okay under the water.
The boat was new with impeccable facilities, a friendly and helpful crew and an amazing American breakfast and Thai lunch. I will definitely go back to dive with Phuket Dive Tours if I am back in the area!

April 16, 2017

Just back from awesome day out. Thailand doesn’t need much explanation, it’s just beautiful and relaxed diving. Whole trip with Phuket Dive tours was perfectly organized, David was super responsive and helpful when we booked and with Mike, our instructor, we felt in more than save hands and he went beyond himself to make it a great day for us. Thanks a ton to the whole team! We will certainly try to come back soon.

April 15, 2017

Amazing day diving with Simon at the Phi Phi’s and Shark Point. Simon is an awesome guide and found us some unique marine life. The boat, crew, and food were all great!
Phuket Dive Tours is very responsive and easy to book online.

April 15, 2017

When I first approached Dave for his help in getting my Open Water and Advanced Open Water certification (having never been exposed to SCUBA before), I honestly didn’t expect to have as great a time as I did. Dave was brilliant in his communications, completely open about the possible options I could have and ensured that everything was done smoothly.
I met my instructor Bryan for the pool session and very quickly realised he’s going to make me work hard to ensure I wasn’t going to screw up. After getting a little comfortable with the overall setup, it was time to get to the sea the next day.

I have to admit right up front that I wasn’t feeling balanced with my weight distribution (I’m tall, lanky and have that problem in a regular pool) and on my second dive, where I had to do all the regular activities (goggle flooding, regulator retrieval and swap, etc), I was having trouble maintaining my balance on my knees and started hyperventilating and headed to the surface. Bryan coaxed me to try once more, but by then I’d already scared myself enough and called off the dive in about 5mins and got back on the boat thinking this was it for me. While on the boat, Bryan kept with me assuring me that it was only in my mind and that there was no real problem with my skills. That I should try once more before taking a final call. We even joked about how I must really hate being on my knees!

So finally we decided to head for another dive to see how I’m going to deal with it, just this time, I would do all the activities standing on the ocean floor rather than kneeling. And guess what, not a single hitch! Guess I do have a problem with being on my knees

Day 2 was more about mebeginning to trust the equipment and trying (and failing) to reduce my oxygen consumption. After seeing me calculate my average oxygen consumption for the 3 dives that day (Bryan had a hearty laugh seeing me work out the math), I quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to stay long for my 30m+ dive the next day. That was a reminder for me to alter my mental state.

Day 3 was infinitely better than the previous two days! I had finally started to trust my gear, had gotten a decent hang of my fins and navigating around with them and didn’t need Bryan turning around to see where I was every few second!!!

The 30m+ dive, the wreck dive as well as the naturalist dive truly helped me take in the marvel of nature that is the underwater world which we don’t normally get to see as part of our daily lives.
I was swimming through or over schools of fishes on the very first day, but was too busy focusing on the equipment, my breathing and just staying alive. Bryan got me from there to genuinely being comfortable in the water and enjoying my time down there. All because he refused to give up on me and my habit of scaring myself.
And now I am PADI Advanced Open Water Certified thanx to Bryan without whom I would probably have given up midway thro my 2nd dive on the very first day! Thanx Bryan and Dave! It was fantastic spending time with you guys and I’m a 100% sure I will be back for more dives!!!

April 14, 2017

These guys are awesome, they made my time with them loads of fun. William, my instructor, is a fun, cool guy, makes learning fun, great teacher and great lover of the outdoors.

April 13, 2017

I completed my open water certification with Lucky Sam Kelly and absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely be recommending him to all my friends and family

Reviewed April 12, 2017

As I already have 100+ dives under my weightbelt I was looking for a tour operator with private instructor and more interesting dive tours then the typical 50+ diver OWD boats in Phuket.
I found Phuket Dive Tours online, response from David was super quick & payment was painless with Paypal.
Pickup from the hotel was on time even I was staying qhite far away @ Laguna Phuket. My dive guide Simon was experienced and we had 3 fun dives at King Cruiser, Shark Point & Koh Doc Mai. Crew was also very good and we had a boat with less then 20 divers. I would highly recommend them & dive with them again!

April 10, 2017 

Got my PADI advanced open water with a nitrox add-on with Simon. The course took two days and 6 dives to complete, with emphasis on navigation, deep wall dive and a ship wreck dive. The dive sites we covered were Banana rock and banana bay in Racha Noi, Haruby bay in Racha Yai (first day), and Koh Dok Mai, King Cruiser ship wreck, and Shark Point (second day).
Our instructor Simon is patient and detailed in many ways. He has confidence in his students’ ability while having the greatest regard in safety. That quality balanced well with getting through a course and having leisure at the same time. He is also strong with identifying marine life and capturing them on camera. I’m happy to acquire the photos from him (for a fee) as I didn’t equipment myself with an underwater camera.
Overall this has been a fantastic experience and I’d highly recommend this dive company and these sites to anyone serious about diving.

April 10, 2017 via mobile

We recently used Phuket dive tours after seeing a few of their videos on YouTube. We done a full day trip which included breakfast and lunch and soft drinks for the entire day!!! As it was our first time we did the discover dive which was three dives with one instructor for the two of us so was very personal. Simon the instructor is clearly a seasoned diver who dives for you and works at your pace. He is very motivational and calming especially if it’s your first time. He was a very cool guy and made it an amazing experience!! Would definitely recommend using them. There is also the opportunity to record and capture those awesome moments that you can show your friends and family when you head back home.

April 9, 2017

Dave from Phuket Dive Tours answered instantly to all my inquiries and I didn’t have any problems having transactions with them. Sean was my instructor, awesome guy and great teacher!

April 9, 2017

I met Sam a few years ago,always been interested in Diving but never took it any further.A friend of mine visited me in phuket and wanted to do the Padi crs which kinda got me started.We enrolled with Sam,hit it off straight away,he made us feel at ease and took his time with us getting used to the apparatus.Shortly after,we both went through the advanced open water crs,Sam was on point all the time to make us feel comfortable and go at our own pace,loved every minute of it and have since participated in several dives with Sam after completing the advanced crs,highly recommend,awesome experience,and a great instructor!! ENJOY!!

April 9, 2017

In 2016 I went on a Phuket Dive Tours day trip to Racha Yai, under the supervision of dive instructor Sam. I found Sam diligent, focused and knowledgeable. Sams calm and conscientious approach allowed me to completely maximise my diving experience. I highly recommend Sam to assist any persons’ wishing to engage in the phenomenal experience scuba diving offers.

April 7, 2017 

Great first time driving experience, with a fully qualified knowledgeable instructor Sam. All aspects covered from safety do identifying marine life. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a memorable day out

April 7, 2017

Phuket Dive Tours was a wonderful experience, everyone there was professional and friendly. I did a 2-on-1 course with Sam and although I was a bit nervous at first he helped me quickly feel at ease in the water with all of the gear and safety procedures. I had a wonderful time and I can’t recommend them enough!

April 7, 2017

David and Phuket Dive Tours was an excellent firm to work with. During my month in Phuket I dived each weekend with them. I also did my Advanced Certification as well. I would strongly recommend the firm for fair pricing and excellent tours and attention.

April 6, 2017 

Got my advanced open water certification with Mike F.
His in-depth knowledge of scuba techniques and the dive sites, along with his friendly, easy-going demeanor made the six dives a breeze.
I highly recommend you get your AOW cert with this company, and get Mike if you can.

April 6, 2017

Booked 3 days of diving with PDT. The main purpose of the trip was to get my wife who is new to scuba to build her confidence and get better at her fundamental skills. PDT linked us up with an instructor named Sam and he was able to help her really improve her skills and help me reach my goal of getting my wife addicted to scuba like me. We had so much fun!
He is also a good photographer and regularly brings a camera with him, he takes alot of great pictures and I highly recomend talking to him about it.

April 5, 2017

I had an amazing time diving in Phuket with Phuket Dive Tours. After reading good reviews I booked online for the anemone reef dive trip. Although diving in Thailand can be hectic, I felt safe and well cared for. Everything was organized very well. I got lucky enough to have my own dive guide – Bryan Donaldson. He did an excellent job and was very nice to be around! He was great at finding critters for photos and gave a lot of insightful information about Thailand.

April 5, 2017

Overall: Excellent Simon is an experienced guide, who’s very patient and very good at looking for most interesting things under water. We’ve spot 2 sea turtles (while it was eating a jelly fish) and 4 sharks in a phi phi day trip. Of course we have good pictures. I’m glad to have him as my private guide. Others: Convenient It’s really convenient because they will cover the transportation between Hotel and Harbor. Drivers also punctual on time.

March 31, 2017 

Had an amazing experience! This was my 3rd dive. Sam (my instructor) was really friendly and was very helpful throughout. Very experienced and a fun guy. Would recommend this as a must have experience in phuket! Cheers, Danish

March 29, 2017

I was looking for a diving club in Phuket and I found Phuket dive tours. I chose this one and I don’t regret anything. They gave me good advice about everything I wanted to know. I was worried because I didn’t dive for 2 years so they told me the best is to do a refresher. I couldn’t go to Anemone spot because I was a bit disappointed but I understand why. You need to feel confortable and confident under water and this centre look really after you and your security.
So I dived with Sam 3 times this day. He’s an excellent instructor, clear explanations, calm and friendly. My first dive I was nervous and he didn’t push me up to do exersices and was just patient and perfect with me to feel confident under water. The next 2 dives I was very good, and I could spend more time enjoying the dive, 45min, 1h under water and you don’t know time flies. Crazy. I’ve got great pictures because of him and I’m glad to share them to my friends. So now, I’m ready to go on difficult spot or not for beginner and I would say, thank you Sam, thank you David as well for your great centre. I will recommend you and Sam.

March 28, 2017

Highly professional PADI center with very friendly and helpful staff. Thanks again to the great Andre Jensen instructor who patiently and professionally introduced me to the wonderful world of diving Davide Lozzi (IT)

March 26, 2017 

Well organised, everything went smooth, attentive instructors – Sam done great job with guiding us underwater and around Phuket. highly recommend!

March 25, 2017

Don’t be put off by “Dive Tours” in this outfits name. They do great snorkelling as well. We joined a Dive boat for some great snorkelling at Racha Yai and Racha Noi. It’s a bit of a cattle market at Chalong Pier where you join the boat but it only last 10 mins and you’re soon on your way, enjoying the trip out to the Islands. Drinks, Breakfast and Lunch all part of the price. Top quality service, we really enjoyed, might even try the diving next time.

March 25, 2017

Had an awesome three dives with my instructor Sam. Calm explanations of everything you need to know, he can easily guide you through it all no matter how new you are to diving. Also a great guy to just chat with during the boat rides!  Thanks again Sam!

March 24, 2017

Went on a 3 dive tour at Racha Yai and Racha Noi, good enough area for a beginner like myself and to get me hooked on the experience. David was super helpful in giving information about the tour and making the payment procedure as easy as possible. Sam Kelly was an excellent instructor, very helpful, patient, attentive and friendly with great tips on diving. A very friendly staff and overall a great experience definitely would book with these guys again later. Strongly recommend this company!

March 23, 2017

My 16 yr old daughter and myself booked this tour scuba tour. She was very excited and nervous at the same time. Mike our instructor was amazing he calmed any nerves within minutes of being in the water on, we both had an amazing experience and I would highly recommend anyone that is interested but nervous to try this, the experience is very rewarding.
I give many thanks and appreciation to Mike and Sharky for running a friendly and professional experience for all ages. Thank you Mike and Sharky for the great memories

March 23, 2017

I had a really good experience with Phuket Dive Tours. The instructor was really helpful, and I felt safe all the time. I will certainly use this company next time I am going to dive in the Phuket area. Anders

March 22, 2017

I booked the open water course online, David sent through all the research material I needed promptly after. On the first day of the course I met Mike my dive instructor, he was really helpful and had a simple and clear explanation for all my questions. When diving, I was able to do everything at my own pace and Mike regularly checked everything was okay. I got to see some amazing fish and coral while diving and even hopped on a scooter underwater!
Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would really recommend this dive company!

March 22, 2017

Went on a 3 dive tour with Andre as our dive master – Phi Phi and Shark Cove. Had a great time and saw tons of sea life – moray eels, sharks, turtles and tons of fish. Highly recommended Andre as a Dive Master. He was fun, knowledgeable, easy going and patient with my son who was on his first ocean dive. I have been diving for many years and thought Andre was one of the best dive masters ever. Conditions and visibility were great at Phi Phi dives. Andre actually made sure we went to the best dive when the boat was thinking of going to a less ideal spot.

March 20, 2017

Booked the course with David who was helpful in giving me all the info, the first day learning all skills in the pool was a little bit of a challenge but we got through it and when I met Sam and started doing the open water dives I had a great day he’s a great instructor has a lot of patience for beginners and knowledge he’s happy share about the coral, fish, techniques. Will defiantly be back over the next few months to do my AOW!

March 19, 2017

David helped me arrange a whole slew of diving and snorkeling activities for my trip traveling solo and he even added on some more dives when I was there. I got the best instructor and even the boat guys/hosts for the day trips were interactive with guests, super funny, and had great stories/tips about where to go. I highly recommend booking with him, he knows all the best people and the rates are a lot cheaper than many other companies I browsed through.

March 18, 2017 

What an amazing way to complete my advanced open water course with my gal gang at Phuket with Phuket Dive tours…. David… With his prompt reply, being patient and accommodating all our demands. Sam Kelly….. Superb instructor…. Wonderful dives…. Superb memories created…. Highly recommended..

March 18, 2017

Can’t say enough good about David, his wife, and dive masters. David worked with my fluid schedule and got me out for 2 full days of diving.
Brian and Mike were the dive masters, an American and a swede. Both were incredibly accommodating and friendly.
Great experience

Reviewed March 17, 2017

It is important to choose the right company and people who will be part of your most special and thrilling memories .. I am more than glad to have dived with PDT (Phuket dive tours). They were professional and accommodating. David manages this company and was patient with all the queries we had and answered them all promptly.
Our instructor Sam kelly was the best we could have asked for to do this course as we were thrilled but nervous as we were diving after a gap of a year.
Thank you PDT for everything and Sam you were our rockstar as you were patient, talented and an amazing person.
You all will be part of our memories always .. wish you best of luck and wish to come back soon and dive again with you guys

March 16, 2017 

I completed my open water advanced course with Phuket dive tours. Our instructor Sam Kelly was amazing. Was patient and attentive and made my diving experience fabulous and fun. David was awesome at coordination and made the trip extremely comfortable. Thank you Phuket dive tours. Shall be visiting again soon 

March 12, 2017 

Thank you Sam and Dave for a wonderful experience. I was able to complete the scuba diver open water course in 3 days. Dave provided many options and Sam was a fun instructor. I will continue with the advanced divers course.  If you love snorkeling this is your next step to enjoying your time in and under the water.

March 12, 2017

Amazing day out diving , dived was Sam who is an instructor, he was finishing off an open water course with a guy called Anthony and I tagged along with them. The viz was 30 metres + , we were collected on time at our hotel, the food was great and we were very well looked after all day would highly comment I had a fantastic day and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Plus even though I’ve been diving over 12 years I still got a few get tips off Sam to help reduce my gas consumption which made a surprising vast difference 😀

March 11, 2017 via mobile

I have booked three boat tours with Dave and all have been great. Dave is a great help and very professional he is always on top of things and explains the trips in great detail. All of the instructors are also great people and very knowledgeable.I can’t say enough good things about these guys definitely book with them for any scuba diving and tours.

March 10, 2017 

Me and my friend did a try dive with a big blond Australian named Sam Kelly I felt very safe with Sam and he explained everything well to us
We went to Kata Beach and the diving was great The Visibility was not so good on that day. But there was heaps of fish to see and some stingrays, Ask for Sam, he is a great instructor

March 9, 2017 

I took the PADI Open water course for four days ago with the Phuket Dive Tours in Kata Beach. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to do the course or not, but Mike, the dive instructor, convinced me. So now I have the certification and I don’t regret it at all! This will be a memory for life. Phuket dive tours are good because they can offer a course in a very small group of people (we were two). And you can have your own instructor, if you want a good dive instructor you should ask for Mike (specially if you are a swede)! We had so much fun, while diving and after the lessons too!
So if you want to learn diving and also want to have a really good time, take your PADI Open Water with Phuket Dive Tours (and Mike of course!).

March 8, 2017

What a great experience we had! Many thanks to Benz who welcomed us at the shop and to our warm instructor Mikael! We really enjoyed the trip on the boat that includes breakfast, lunch and pancakes with fruits As well as the 2 dive sessions. We saw beautiful fishes and corals. And Mikael took nice & funny pictures of us while diving It is perfect for beginners! Looking forward to diving to the next level soon.

March 6, 2017 

Got one of the best trips for diving and relaxing on the boat. Got awesome dive instructor Sam, he made diving fun and very easy. The rest of the trip we tried standup paddle-boarding ,snorkeling and had nice lunch and snacks . This trip is awesome if your partner is not a diver as he/she can join on the trip and still have fun! Big recommendation!!!!

March 5, 2017

We enrolled the King Cruiser Wreck dive on 12 February with our dive instructor Simon. Although the sea was super wavy and I felt sea sickness so much, the dives were unexpectedly awesome. Initially I thought that such a touristy place as Phuket, the sea water quality and animals may not be that protected. However when I dived to the King Cruiser, I was totally wrong! King Cruiser Wreck was so fishy and full of different kinds of corals. Tho I was kinda sad to see some corals are under bleaching.. :'( We must protect our oceans. Simon gave me useful advice to me during diving and helped me a lot under the sea. I appreciate it very much. Thank you and I hope to see you again Simon 🙂

March 5, 2017 

I did my Open Water course over the weekend under the guidance of the excellent instructor Sam Kelly.
We did a pool session with a beach dive the one day and went off to Racha Yai and Racha Noi Islands for 3 boat dives the next day. We had amazing visibility on both days and saw a lot of very interesting aquatic life like the Tiger Tail Seahorse and a bunch of Stingrays Everything was awesome and if at any time I needed guidance Sam was there to assist. I only have praise for David and his instructors.
I will be heading back to do my Advance Open Water with an added Enriched Oxygen course.

March 5, 2017

Very good organisation; I had 2 instructors Sam and Sean; both were very patient and good teacher to new beginners as I was! The spots where we dived were amazing; in small groups! i really recommend them for a first (or more experienced) diving!

March 1, 2017

Had a great time last week with Sean & Phuket dive tours. I managed to complete PADI open water + advanced open water + enriched air dive courses in the space of 4 days, with 3 beach dives and 2 full days on the boats. Sean was a fantastic instructor, very calm and knowledgable and looked after us all brilliantly.

March 1, 2017 

My sister and I did the PADI open water course in Chalong. Our instructor Sam Kelly was amazing, I would highly recommend him! He taught us everything we needed to know while keeping it fun and stress free!
I hope to someday go back to Chalong and do another dive with Sam! He also took a ton of awesome pictures which you can buy from him at the end of the course for a very reasonable price!

February 27, 2017

My friend and I did a 1 day 2 dives Scuba Discovery package at Racha Yai, great arrange – from hotel pick up to diving arrangement. Mike and Sharky were very nice and patience, especially 1 of us was particularly nervous in her 1st dive, but Sharky accompanied her the whole time. Thorough explanation before the dives and always glad to answer our questions. The boat was large and clean with good meals and services, crews were friendly and helpful as well. Water visibility in the diving area was great as well. I will go back to phuket in april with my family and will bring them to dive with Phuket Dive Tours again!

February 27, 2017 

My girlfriend and I went on two different certification classes: 2 days Open Water and Advanced Open Water.
Everything went very smoothly from organizing the logistics with David prior to arrival and during diving!
Special thanks to my instructor Sam for his kindness and professionalism during these awesome two days! Also his pics of the dives are good memories to bring back!
Highlight of the dives was definitely King’s wreck.
All in all, a very good value for money dive shop that I can only recommend!

February 27, 2017

I went out for a one day discover diving trip with Andre and we made 3 dives. I have to say I am completely hooked now. I had a great time, everything from Phuket Dive Tours was easy, no problems. Andre was a fun to hang out with and a great teacher. My only regret is that I didn’t have time for the full certification.

February 25, 2017

I did 3 day Open Water Course with 5 boat dives. I especially liked the approach of the instructor Mikael Forsman on first and third day. On the second day the strong wind and visibility made a trip little bit more rough, but third day we had an awesome weather, company and saw many sea creatures including sea snake, sting ray, a hoof of baracudas etc. We also saw a ship wreck and went down to 18m. Visibility was also great 40m and the thai helpers were really helpful and friendly. Although this was just a short course, it makes you memorize it for a long time and come back to it in the future.

February 25, 2017

We found Phuket dive tours after doing a lot of searching and careful research, we found them to be one of the cheapest but still the best quality. Mike was a very patient instructor never made us feel rushed or uneasy. Definitely recommend him and the company last day we went to racha yai island and bannan bay which where very cool places to go to for our last certification day still had lots of time to look around as well.

February 25, 2017

My friend and I both got certified here, our teacher was Mike and he was great. When learning a new skill, maybe the most important thing is the teacher, and Mike was great.

February 25, 2017 

We could choose the 2 days PADI formula. It was really cool because we did not have much time stayin there. They always try to make everything easy for you. Very flexible and available for everything. They pick you up at your hotel and then get you back there. The woman who welcome us was smiling and very kind. Mike, the instructor, is so nice and he helps you the best he can for everything. I do not know the other instructors but I am sure he is THE best. Thank you Mike !! Those 2 days were great with you.

February 24, 2017 v

I wanted to make a diving course, and found this one. The price was perfect. In the price included was the transfer from the hotel to the peer. I had the best dive instructor ever, Sam. He teached me very will. It was a pleasure to learn from this guy.

February 24, 2017 

We had an amazing time diving in phuket. The dive center was well run and everything worked smoothly. We made an advanced open water course and had a lot of fun during this course with our awesome instructor sam kelly.

February 24, 2017 

My wife and, I recently returned from our honeymoon in Thailand. We spent 9 nights in Phuket and, did 6 dives and our scuba certification with Phuket dive tours. They also helped us book a Phi Phi Island tour. Top notch operation, Dave and his wife Benz are very helpful and, all around good people to work with. Our dive instructor Andre was extremely knowledgeable and, made sure we had an amazing experience. Great guy, we are now happy to consider a friend. If travelling to Phuket, I would use these guys for any diving or tours you plan on doing. They are legit and, their staff and instructors go the extra mile.

February 22, 2017 

Had a great day yesterday with 3 dives at Racha Noi and Racha Yai islands. I can recommend Sam (big blond Aussie) as your dive guide. Was good fun. Thx!

February 18, 2017 

My partner and myself attended the 3 day open water PADI diving course at Phuket Dive Tours and had such a great experience! First of all, they were very accommodating with our special arrangements to suit our travel plans and never failed to respond in a prompt and timely manner. Everyone was friendly and helpful, especially Mike our dive instructor! I cannot recommend him more! I can’t wait to go diving with them again!

February 17, 2017 via mobile

I was impressed by the flexibility shown in tailoring the course to the time we had available. We only had 3 days at Kata beach at the end of our trip / and the afternoon start for the pool tuition fitted perfectly with our itinerary. We had a great instructor in “Swedish Mike” – he was really patient, excellent teaching approach and took great care to ensure that everyone felt involved, knew what they were doing and was able to experience and see everything there is to see at the dive sites. He also took some great photos of our dives. The tuition groups were small – 2 in the initial session in the pool and 3 of us at the dive sites. Phuket dive tours are a well run and slick operation with minimal time spent waiting around for transfers, quick responses to email queries and they met all the commitments made to us. Would strongly recommend.

February 14, 2017

Myself and my friend happened to be staying across from the office in Chalong and decided to enquire about our PADI open water course. Something we had been wanting to do for years. We signed up and the next day we met with Sam to complete our study and get straight in to the pool. Everything just made sense, he’s a great instructor and made the whole 2 days educational but also fun – and lets face it being on holiday should be…. I can’t praise Sam enough for his attention and effort from the moment we started until the very last breath :). He also took some really, really amazing photos of us both as a memory of the 2 days which was just the icing on the cake. A credit to Phuket Dive Tours and I’m already thinking about doing my next courses with Sam on my return to Phuket later this year…..

February 5, 2017

My girlfriend and I found Phuket Dive Tours and are so happy we did. They went above and beyond to meet our needs. They were very flexible with time and scheduling. We were able to complete our video education in the evening in our hotel room via laptop. Our dive instructor was Sam Kelly. He was patient, efficient, honest and fun. Dave, the shop owner, was very helpful and accommodating. They both provided excellent information about where to go and what to see on our remaining days in Phuket. When coming back to Phuket it would be our first choice for tours and diving.

January 31, 2017 

We have both dived all over the world including the Great Barrier Reef and never had an instructor as amazing as Andre! He is simply amazing and caters for all needs! This dive experience was perfect, the owner David is also incredible and does anything to help! The sites they take you too really lets you explore the open world in an independent but totally secure way! We will be back to do our course (with Andre of course!!) thank you for making our honeymoon perfect!

January 29, 2017 

We did a brief class with Andre and then the scuba diving at Kata beach for the first time. The instruction was easy and clear. The diving was fun. We had a good time. Andre was pretty cool and easy to talk to as well.Besides the diving itself, the pickup from our hotel at Patong beach was easy and punctual too. I’m recommend them.

January 27, 2017 

Booked up on diving trip, didn’t want to go to usual as they’re all mad busy, great options on offer was a fantastic day, staff helpful and easy to get on with. Benz is great in kata beach (can’t help enough)
This is the second time out in Thailand, Phuket dive tours offer a worry free service. The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 26, 2017

I took my advanced course during my stay in Phuket. I went out for two whole-day boat trips and they were both awsome. Everyone who worked at the dive shop was friendly and my instructor Mike was simply great. Would recommend this dive shop for anyone and especially the dive sites around King Cruiser Wreck and Koh Doc Mai were awsome.

January 26, 2017 

Took my advanced diving certification through Phuket Dive Tours with Mike as my instructor and had the time of my life!! It didn’t feel at all like I was just another customer but a fellow experienced diver out on an adventure. He was genuinely interested in not only helping us learn the material on paper and under the water, but also made it a great, enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend having him take pictures for you instead of trying to deal with a camera because it was so amusing trying to communicate and pose for pictures under water, and they came out amazing!!! Worth it for sure. Thank you for an incredible trip Micke hope to see you under the ocean again soon

January 25, 2017 via mobile

I did the 3 day PADI open water course with this company. Contacted them at very late notice and they were able to use my limited time in Phuket to do the course.
I found my instructor Bryan Donaldson absolutely excellent and was very understanding when I struggled with some of the drills at first. He’s a really nice guy and felt safe in his hands at all times.
David Hall in the office was also brilliant and managed the admin side of the booking very well. He gave me very clear options on the types of options available to me.

January 24, 2017

I joined a BSAC club in the UK and have done some theory and a bit of pool practice, but not enough to dive without more training. I was recommended by the Thailand BSAC guy to contact David Hall at PDT.
With only a week in Phuket I went for the two day open water course.David was really helpful and responded to all e-mails.
Having signed up I got a whole bunch of videos to watch and theory questions to do which saved a lot of time before the course.
As my hotel was way the other side of Phuket, David arranged for his guy to collect and take me back – extra charge but well worth it.
Sam Kelly my instructor was great – we went through the theory pretty quickly as I’d covered a lot of it before and headed to the pool for a morning’s practice. No problems as I’d done much of it before, but Sam was great helping me through a few bits I struggled with.
Then a beach dive – my first in real water!! Lots of help and guidance from Sam – and saw fish!!
The second day were three dives from a boat. Again Sam was great – helped me kit up and lots of help and guidance in the water. Despite a few buoyancy control problems (I guess a bit like a kid trying to walk for the first time!) I passed!! Sam took a shed load of pix, so lots to remember it by.
Doing it in two days is pretty intensive, but a great course if you want to fast track the training and get diving – would thoroughly recommend it.
One tip though – cream up well before the pool sessions and beach dive. I didn’t and my head and face burnt and glowed like a beacon!!

January 20, 2017 

My boyfriend and I had been wanting to get scuba diving certifications for a while, so we decided to do it during our trip to Thailand. We booked the 2 day PADI scuba diving course, and from start to finish, the entire experience was great! Sam was our instructor and he was an excellent teacher. He was extremely patient, went through all the skills very thoroughly, and happily helped if you were having trouble with anything. I was a bit nervous prior to the actual dive, however, he offered tons of encouragement and by the end of the day I felt extremely comfortable! Our only wish is that we had more time in Thailand so that we could have done the 3 day open water also. Nonetheless, we are so happy we did it and are now certified! Thank you for the wonderful experience Phuket Dive Tours!

January 19, 2017

David was great about answering any questions including information about the area and referred us to a great place to stay next to the dive shop. Sam was our dive instructor and he was awesome! I had been nervous to dive but I feel like he taught us well and I was super comfortable in no time. My sister and I got certified and had some incredible dives. The whole experience was amazing and I highly recommend the phuket dive tour team.

January 18, 2017

I completed my PADI open water course with ‘Sharky’ from Phuket Dive Tours and really enjoyed it. Our instructor, Sharky, was patient with us (as I was a beginner and struggled with the diving at the start) and helped us really enjoy our diving experience. There was a strong focus on safety, and he ensured we were learning to dive in a sensible and safe way, so we had a good foundation for the future.
I also really enjoyed the day trips on the boat. I also had a great experience before I left in organising and booking the course – lots of helpful emails, and diving videos to watch the theory before I got to the pool on the first day. I would highly recommend Phuket Diver Tours for first time divers, and very experienced divers!

January 16, 2017

Spent a weekend diving after New Year with Phuket Dive Tours. The booking was pretty straightforward with David Hall being very helpful in answering all pre-trip questions via email. The hotel pickup and return service to and from the dive boat was on-time and efficient. The dive boat was large, well-maintained and equipped and roomy enough for gearing up even with large groups (this I think is the standard Phuket diving system – larger dive boats shared by different dive operators). Complements to Karina, our guide for the day who was fun, energetic and friendly to everyone. Good in the water too. I would be happy to join them again on future dives. Good times.

January 7, 2017 

Was fortunate enough to be able to do the open water dive course in this bad weather, it was a great course of 3 days and our instructor Andre was very friendly, and patient. Thank you to all at phuket dive tours for a fantastic few days in Thailand, can’t recommend this company enough!

December 31, 2016

Brilliant compact day! Beginner – and got to try diving,3 dives in one trip, at three different dive locations. I great way to see if diving is your gig. Phuket Dive Tours do everything, a seamless adventure really. They pick you up from the Hotel and take you to the boat where you meet your guide (Micke in our case). Everything else is super simple as well. The Boat (Neptune in our case) is very good, well fitted, spacious, comfortable and food pretty good. Diving locations all different, and the journey very relaxing as well. We were very lucky with our instructor, very switched on and very empathic. Perfect for rookies!

December 29, 2016

My friend & I had an unforgettable couple of days, completing a 2 day Padi open water course with Mike as our instructor. PDT were quite flexible in letting us tailor the course to 2 days which was good as we had limited time.
We spent half a day in the pool (definitely recommend for beginner…!) I was freaking out a bit at first. Mike was great at putting me at ease- by the time I left the pool I felt confident and prepared for the beach and boat dives. Overall it was a fantastic experience- my first dives and definitely something I won’t forget! The big pink jellyfish on the first beach dive was a particular highlight.
Mike was a great instructor and clearly has an enormous and infectious passion for diving which was great to see. It sort of felt like we were diving with a good mate as opposed to an instructor! He also has some pretty cool stories to share. Thanks PDT and Mike for the experience! Will be booking my next diving trip soon.

December 28, 2016

Me and my friend were only in Phuket for a few days but very keen on getting a PADI open water qualification during our stay. We explained that we only had two days availability to do so. The staff were friendly, approachable and were very accomodating to our needs and explained that they would be able to do the course over the next 2 days providing, we spent the evening familiarising ourself with the content. We were happy to comply with this and found the educational videos and reading highly insightful. I would also like to add that they didn’t try to push any packages on us, which I have found to be the norm when looking for adventure experiences.
With regard to the training, we were paired with Mikael (“Swedish Mike”). I was really impressed with Mike’s style of teaching. I consistently felt that we were in safe hands and that Mike was prepared for any eventuality should it arise. Moreover, Mike was very friendly and is clearly very knowledgable and enthusiastic about diving, having had extensive experience in the area. He also had a plethora of stories to share with us whenever we asked him about a particular subject (e.g. ask him about the time he saved a protected shark from a fisherman).
I had a look online at the different companies providing the courses and found PDT’s price to be very competitive. Having just been certified for the Open Diver Course, I can honestly say it was well worth the money. I can’t recommend scuba diving enough to anybody who hasn’t tried it. If I’m back in Phuket, I would definitely dive again with PDT.

December 27, 2016

Had the good fortune of living right down the road from Triton diving on soi ta-ied.
Booked my open water course with them and could not have been happier with the experience!
Very friendly people who made everything happen quickly and efficiently, and also provided an excellent instructor, “Sharkie” (Mark), who did an outstanding job making sure me and my buddie got as much as we possibly could from the experience.
Will be booking courses for my advanced open water PADI here as well

December 22, 2016

I came to Phuket for some recreational dive and was fortunate to have dive master Mike as our instructor. He was very patient and attentive, making me feel completely at ease with my dive. Not to mention, super friendly and fun to be around with, his passion for diving is so infectectious which totally brought a big smile to my face. I hope I will get the opportunity to learn some underwater photography from Mike in the future

December 20, 2016

I came to Phuket for Muay Thai and decided to do a bit of diving on the side. It was a great experience doing the open water certificate with Mike. He is extremely patient, helpful and knowledgable. He always made sure our group was safe and taken care of. The dive package includes transportation of scuba gear, booking boats and hotel pick up. You just have to wake up early!

December 20, 2016

I went diving with Phuket Dive Tour with instructor Mike. He is enthusiatic and friendly. Also, he is professional scuba photographer. Thank you Phuket Dive Tour and Mike for making me fantastic holiday.

December 20, 2016 

I am here all the way from Chiang mai for fun diving, and bring my little sister to do her first open-water dive course. Phuket dive tour is the company where i found P’Ben (owner) the super helpful lady. She put us with the super awesome instructor, Mike. He taught my sister and another guy from Canada with all his knowledge. We joined the last day to PP island, it was blast!!!!

December 18, 2016

This was my second time to Phuket and this time, I wanted to go diving. Having zero knowledge on the dive centers and dive packages available, I simply googled phuket diving and found Phuket Dive tours. I must say I was lucky to have found them. Looked through their website and found a package suitable for me. As I was still unsure, I contacted them via email and David from Phuket Dive Tours replied promptly. David was very helpful in putting together the dive trip and even suggested having a dive guide as it was our first time in Phuket.
The dive trip itself was phenomenal beginning with a pickup from our hotel to the jetty. Breakfast, lunch and snacks were served onboard the dive boat and it was cooked on site. I must say for a meal that was cooked on a boat, it was really tasty and it was buffet style.
Our dive guide, Andre, was a really cool guy who mentioned he was from Sweden and had been in Phuket for the past 12 years. He was really knowledgeable and helpful and accommodated to our various needs and skill levels. My dive partner was a little “rusty” with her diving skills and Andre was there to help and check on her constantly during the dive.
I must say I was a little skeptical at first about booking a dive trip online but it turned out great and I will definitely go back to Phuket Dive Tours for my subsequent dives in Phuket. They have a wide selection of packages for various skill levels and I recommend booking with them. Great service of pickup and dropoff from the hotel, free equipment rental, great food, awesome dive guides all make a great dive experience!

December 13, 2016

Course: PADI Discover Scuba Diving for Beginners
Dive Site: Racha Yai
The experience: AWESOME, BUT at times, things felt a bit chaotic/confusing… but that could just be me not reading through the brochure/website information.

They picked me up at the hotel among other guests, and dropped us off at Chalong Bay where there are MANY MANY MANY guests from other diving/snorkeling/whatever companies. David met us there and said hi to everyone before he went off to do other stuff. His assistant kept us together, and onward to the boat dock. Once onboard, we were all assigned to an instructors – mine was Jon. (At least I think that’s the name… really should’ve written this review right after!!! He’s Russian – he didn’t look Russian, but he’s Russian) Every instructor had about 2-4 people to a group. Food on board was included – so… don’t bother eating a huge breakfast like an idiot (like me…)

The ride out to Racha Yai was about an hour? During the ride, Jon asked us about our backgrounds with diving (I had none), and if we’re comfortable with water, and he stressed time and time again, “Don’t worry, let me worry.” He showed me the gear, the key to equalizing, the hand signals, etc. I felt prepared enough.

Once the boat stopped, everyone geared up. Some stayed on the boat – they were snorklers, sunbathers, etc. – just not scuba diving. Stepped into the water, Jon was with me the entire way. I couldn’t figure out how to equalize, and he patiently stayed with me – and the other person diving with us too. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! After all that, and I felt 100% good to go, it was under water sightseeing time! Jon had an underwater camera and took photos as we went. We stayed about 40 minutes under water, going about 12meters (Maybe? Memory fails me) down.
Came up, had lunch, slid down the awesomely giant inflatable slide, chilled. This is the part where it was a little bit confusing – There were talks among groups about going to the beach (we were anchored near the beach, but not right AT the beach, so you still need to take a little boat to get to the actual shore) And I didn’t know if it was exclusively for the people who were not scuba diving? or some people were on yet another package where they were suppose to be taken to the beach? Then there were people kayaking and paddle boarding. I didn’t even know these were activities I could partake in, because I don’t think these were mentioned on the package description. And I also didn’t know how much time we have until our next dive. Of course, if confused – just ask These people are super chill. But in general, just wish communication was a bit better.

2nd Dive – Same location, different direction, awesome as well. Did better in controlling my elevation under water. I BELIEVE this dive was also around 40 minutes and 12meters down.  More food after 2nd dive. Ride back to Chalong Bay, and they drove us back to our hotels.

Totally awesome trip, cool instructors. Never for a moment felt unsafe. Next time, I would just ask about the itinerary/activities in detail to just have an idea of what to expect.
Photos: Not sure what’s usually the case with this. My instructor had a camera, but I’m not sure if every instructor had one. And then… before we disembarked, and as I tipped my instructor, I saw he had loaded the photos onto his iPad. He asked me to choose the ones I wanted. C’mon, they’re thumbnails, and we’re like 5 minutes to docking! Then, feeling my panic, he just decided to airdrop everything to me. Not sure what he would’ve done if I had an android. SUPER glad he offered the photos to me.

December 12, 2016

Small, friendly dive-shop with reasonable prices. The excellent instructor, former Australian lifeguard Sharky, is patient and helpful and even supplies great underwater photography of your scuba antics.

December 11, 2016

I came here planning to do OW but end up with both OW and AOW cause the OW experience was so good that I wanna do a further course.
David, the owner of the shop was very considerate and helpful. I told him one evening that the fins were a bit uncomfortable cause my instep is high. The next day when I open the equipment pack, David has packed me a nice pair of fins with just the right size for my instep. It was so considerate of him.
Andre, my instructor was helpful and takes good care of me as well. He could judge my ability and arrange things accordingly.
The shop is flexible for personal conditions which I really appreciate. After I finish my OW course my ears hurt so we worked out a plan A and plan B for my AOW course in case I don’t feel well the next day.

December 8, 2016

My gf and I signed up for the discovery dive, meant for beginners with no experience. Naturally we had some apprehension about safety and whether it would be advisable to try a 3-dive session as the first time. To our relief, our dive instructor, Micke, was excellent and provided clear explanation about the trip, the procedure and the important things to note every step of the way. He also paid constant attention to us during the dive, ensuring safety and also pointing out things we would have missed without him. Really enjoyed the trip, and gladly paid for the excellent underwater photos.

December 8, 2016 

Our instructor was Mike Forsman, who I recommend for sure! He was very patient and made sure we felt safe scubadiving for the first time. The 2 of us felt cared for throughout and had an awesome time during the 3 dives at Racha Noi and Racha Yai.

December 7, 2016 

My wife and I have started diving and wanted to go again whilst in Phuket. We checked online for some reputable companies and this one was in the top 2.
We were staying only 5 mins walk from their Kata office so we enquired re a full day and was so impressed by their service we signed up on the spot.
The day went like a dream from the pickup by owner David to 3 amazing dives. As we are novices (12 dives) we were assigned a guide. Brem from the U.K. But has lived in Thailand doing dive tours for many years. The diving was brilliant. We did 3 dives and each was different and we saw and experienced different things each time.
So too was the guiding. The care, attention to detail, safety awareness and ongoing instruction made each dive a pleasure and experience.
As a tour guide myself I appreciate Brem’s attitude, hospitality and attention to detail. He is well worth asking for!!
The boat was quite full but handled the large number of people very professionally. Brem also was great in helping us navigate the dive setups and rush for lunch!
Thanks again Phuket Dive Tours. If I could have asked for one thing and that would have been the opportunity to buy an official T shirt!

December 3, 2016

David was very helpful and flexible with helping to set up our dive trip, as we were a little tight on time. Our instructor Simon was fantastic, too, very safe and fun to chat with about different sites and dives. The boat crew members were awesome and we had a great time hanging out during downtime. The food was great, and they were were vegetarian friendly. We’d definitely recommend them for dives and will use them again in the future!

November 30, 2016

Phuket Dive Tours know how to create a great dive experience, from booking straight through to the end. David was very helpful and responsive in setting up the tour, and our Dive Master, Simon, was really great; on top of things, safety conscious, had tons of experience he’s willing to share, and a sense of humor to boot. I particularly appreciate that he included my wife (a non-diving snorkeler) in the dive briefing, with asides for her, so she’d know just what to do and where to be while we were off playing underwater.
If you do the party boat, you get beautiful boat with a great crew, and Frank there, overseeing it all and making sure everything is humming along. It was all very well orchestrated, which I really appreciated because we had precious little time in Phuket. We got to visit the island and beach chasing tremendous monitor lizards, or paddling around in a Plexiglas canoe between dives. lots to do, good food, fresh coconuts. what more could you want? We had a very small party of 9 divers (on a Monday) so it was really mellow, with small groups of 3-4 divers. Ideal!
My only regret is that my wife, the snorkeler swimming above us, saw a formidable lion fish… but we divers missed it. Highly Recommended!

November 29, 2016

The tour leader had good sense of humor and helped me a lot for taking underwater photography. He also took many beautiful photos with his mobile phone and captured moments no one was aware of.

November 29, 2016 

My girlfriend and I have took a diving course. It was our first time and we were helped bij Andre hè is an expert on the diving area! My girlfriend had al lot of trouble with here ears underwater but Andre helped here and we have seen the most amazing world of the tropical sea!

November 24, 2016 

Me and my girlfriend had our first dive ever with phuket dive tours today in the kata-noi zone. Our instructor, Tom Hull was really nice and prepared to take care of us in this beautiful experience and guided us magnificently through the 3 dives of the day. An experience we will never forget. Hoping this is just the first of a long series of diving started with PDT, i would reccomend this to everyone.
Thx agains to Tom and Pdt

November 24, 2016

Booked a day trip for my wife and two boys to Phi Phi islands with 3 dives. Given excellent advice and the great part was booking for 3 people the rental equipment and dive guide were included. These are add ons with a lot of other companies. They all were so happy with their dives wish we had more time in Phuket to do more. Mark the dive instructor took some fantastic pictures for them which they will have as great memories

November 18, 2016 

I booked a last minute trip with this company(all online which is easier) and had immediate response for pick-up, gear size, certification verification by email, David even called the hotel because I don’t have an international cell to confirm, the extra mile: I like. Everything was on time and went as planned. A couple of nice Brits who live in Thailand now, doing an excellent job: the best I can say is to the point with a sense of humor, mate. My guide and dive master Simon, enjoys his job and helped me get over some angst about the choppy dive then we went on to rock and roll like a Van Halen cover band. Takes excellent photos during all of the dives, I suggest you get them. Overall use this company, David is doing great and has good people behind him.

November 12, 2016

he is the best diving instructor.also very friendly and open.thank u very much for a great time

November 10, 2016

David, the owner, was very patient and answered my questions via email quickly and helped us find the best dives for our skill level. When we were picked up, everything was perfect from the start and Simon, the dive instructor, was great and passionate about his job. Would recommend this company to anyone. Look no further.

November 6, 2016

My first time diving experience was amazing. My instructor Sean Porter helped me one on one all the way from start to finish. I felt safe all the time even when I was quite nervous at first but I started to feel comfortable with having such a good instructor. This is one of the best things I have ever done and I highly recommend Phuket diving tours 🙂

November 5, 2016 

Phuket Dive Tours was really professional compared to most of the other diving tour providers in Phuket. Their price was reasonable and I felt that I had a great experience for the price I paid. They were extremely concerned about my safety and made sure I felt comfortable during my dive. I completed the Discover Diving tour and my instructor, Sam made sure I enjoyed it to the best. He was a great diving instructor and underwater photographer. Thank you very much Phuket diving tours for the great experience! Looking forward to do the 3 day license course with them during my next visit to Phuket!

November 3, 2016 via mobile

We (3 friends) went snorkelling at Racha Yai and Racha Noi on Nov. 1st. We only booked a day in advance, and yet everything was arranged perfectly and to our wishes. Dave Hall advised us which trip to book, and made sure we had an awesome guide to look after us. We had such a lovely day and saw so much gorgeous marine life that I decided to go again the next day, but go diving this time. Again, Dave made it all go smoothly, and I had an amazing day. I highly recommend Phuket Dive Tours. They respond quickly, give honest and good advice on what to do and where to go, deliver what they promise, are reasonably priced, and you end up having a great day with everything arranged for you, including transfers and food. Thanks Dave, and Mike and Sam. I’ll be back for sure!

November 3, 2016 

I did 3 fun dives with a friend who was doing ‘discover diving’ with instructor Simon Arnold. We had a brilliant day. Simons friendly and helpful style instantly made us feel relaxed and reassured. The day was very well organised, drop off to and from our hotel, all equipment, food and drink organised for us so all we had to do was sit back and enjoy! Would definitely recommend this dive school and Simon as an instructor!

November 3, 2016 

I’d never been diving before so I was a little nervous when I booked the diving discovery day. Luckily we had a brilliant instructor (Simon). He provided excellent and easy to understand information as well as doing a great job at making me feel calm on my first dive. My friend had previously done 15 dives but Simon made sure that the day was fun for her as well manageable for me. I had a brilliant time and will definitely be diving again. Thanks!!

November 1, 2016 

3 fun dives with guide Dan ….lots to see and Dan as usual pointing out lots of interesting sea life which I love .I freely admit I’m not the best diver in the world and know my limitations Dan is happy to encourage but not to push. Dave and the whole team at Phuket dive tours could not be nicer and would book with them every time (5 times in 2 years)

October 27, 2016

The team at Phuket Dive Tours are great. David was very professional and responsive during the research process. The communication also very prompt, David even provided a great hotel recommendation which was walking distance to the Pier the next morning.
I selected the racha noi bay and racha yai bay 1 day trip. For this time of year the diving was good and the viz around 20 meters +. Simon, the dive master was excellent!! He had great local knowledge of the dive spots and also helped educate me on the marine life. While I had my go pro, Simon also got some great shots on his camera which he shared with me. Thanks Simon !!
I highly recommend Phuket Dive Tours for your Dive guides in Phuket