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What’s the difference between SSI v PADI open water diver course?

Many people ask “whats the difference between SSI v PADI open water diver courses”

Its just a simple case of comparisons of 2 similar branded products and the difference in prices, mainly the cost of books, access to media, and the learning materials you choose, however in general both are equally good brands similar to: Hoover + Dyson – Coke & Pepsi  – Apple and Samsung  – so the difference is very little in terms of the licence itself.

You will need to decide how much you want to spend?, what method of learning will suit your  time frame and holiday? – digital e books? or conventional paper books?

You need to decide what method of learning will suit your time frame and holiday – digital or conventional paper books and Classroom study?

Worth pointing out at this point, it is the Instructor that has the biggest influence on the quality of the

Whats the difference between e learning and paper books?

Like any training course if you pre-study you are well ahead of the game on the learning curve. It is important to remember that the top globally recognized agencies are simply brands all offer training courses that meet the same international standards.

The comparisons to e learning as opposed to paper books is sometimes not obvious here’s a video below that will explain the difference.


Whats the costs for e learning SSI v PADI

Both agencies offer e-learning however PADI required all students to pre purchase the materials either in a paper book format or via e-learning no matter where you are travelling, and that you cannot share the study materials, this means that each student must purchase their own personal learning materials as for each manual there is a personal identification certification without which your SCUBA instructor cannot certify you.

PADI e-learning materials generally cost in excess of US$200 check out users feedback

SSI digital e learning course material can be provided free as a rental hire manual you can access on you phone, pc  or tablet  at no additional costs – or if you want life time access to the digital version called “Diamond package”  with small additional change of $15USD  Even if you purchase or borrow the manual, you will get automatically the digital kit as soon as you will sign up for a course with a SSI dive center.

Whats the difference between SSI V PADI Digital certifications E cards and fees.

SSI Open water has free online video access, if you want Plastic certification cards these can be printed on the day at the SSI regional office in Phuklet, and if you wish you can collect the card from your instructor when you step off the boat.

SSI has a free downloadable app that allows you to read online and store all your dives and certification cards on your phone meaning you are never without your dive card or log book.

PADI Open water e learning is also available with an additional 210 $USD, check out users feedback

PADI on completion of the course issues you a temporary paper cards valid for 90 days, or temporary digital certification e card for 1 month.

PADI plastic cards are mailed from outside of Thailand directly to your home address by PADI this takes longer around 6- 8 weeks.

What the difference between loosing your SSI V PADI open water diver card ?

SSI APP Digital e Card is free of charge on your mobile and never expires.

PADI APP gives you the digital e Card free of charge for 1 month after Certification if you loose your card you can order a replacement through PADI’s website for $46.00 or $59 AUD for the full version PADI replacement card online 

Where can I get instant access to the open water course video


Wheres the Best scuba diving training facility in Phuket

Experience our in house pool 🙂

Beautiful conditions in our in house pool for this team. SuperStarInstructors Michael Kerr and Franck Degousée teaching SSI Try Scuba Pool. www.phuketdivetours.com

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Phuket scuba diving for beginners

Private dive pool, our resort offers both SSI & PADI courses with affordable rooms, onsite restaurant, massage with the advantage of being 120m from the main Beach at Kata and local nightlife.
Start with online study and its free elearning with a digital online manual. Learning online saves holiday time so you can quickly assess the dive Pool, then moving onto exploring reefs in open water, at the end of your diving course, you will receive a worldwide Internationally accepted scuba diving licence.