Divemaster Internship

FREE Divemaster internship to enthusiastic individuals

This year at Phuket Dive Tours we are pleased to offer a limited amount of FREE Divemaster internships to enthusiastic individuals who wish to earn the SSI Divemaster certification.

we have now 4 dive shops located in Phuket the main one is at the Kata beach location a unique dive resort & Instructor training center with a purpose-built private dive pool, This is the ideal location for your internship, we also offer affordable accommodation, and onsite restaurant, massage with the advantage of being 120m from the main local beach at Kata and local nightlife.

We are looking for applicants who are team players and willing to learn, work hard, and share our passion for scuba diving and the underwater world.
Available dates for the 2022 – 2023 training program.

1st December 2022

1st Jan 2023

1st Feb 2023

1st March 2023

1st April 2023

Free Divemaster Internship Candidate Prerequisites

Minimum age: Must be 18 years old to work as an active status Professional Dive Guide.
Must have completed the Advanced Adventurer program or higher, or hold an equivalent rating from a recognized agency.
Have a Diver Stress and Rescue certification or equivalent.
Must have logged at least 40 open water dives totaling 25 hours or more.
Have completed the following specialty programs or provide proof of experience by showing a minimum of 5 logged experience dives in each of the following areas: Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, and Deep Diving.

If you are an Open Water or Advanced diver, we will help you reach the Rescue level before starting the Divemaster Internship program

We have 2 options for Open Water divers to reach the advanced level, one is the basic Advanced course. The second is a full specialty program range including Deep Diving, Navigation, Night diving and
Nitrox. These courses are extra and not included in the Internship program. You will need to allow 8 to 10 weeks depending on your number of logged dives and current certification level.

If our Divemaster Internship program interests you and you would like to know more then please contact us via email to tell us a bit more about yourself.

We receive a lot of applications for these few places, so if you wish to be considered please try to supply all the information you’d like to tell us about yourself, this is your chance to stand out from the other applications.

Why do we offer a limited amount of free Divemaster Internships?

The short answer is quality, not quantity, we are looking to create a rewarding training experience and to provide the best possible transition from diver to Dive Professional. We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who want to become professional Scuba Divers and work in the Diving Industry as a Divemaster or continue on to Instructor.

We run this program over the busy high season in Phuket, October to May, and start 2 or 3 new Divemaster Interns each month. We run every level of SSI scuba courses from Try Scuba to Instructor
and you will gain experience assisting at every level.

We receive a lot of applications for these limited places, we are not looking just for the numbers, we are looking for the right people to become a part of our team, represent our company, and who we
are proud to call our staff and take care of our valued customers. We are also looking for those candidates who display the qualities for becoming an instructor, and who will continue training with us
to reach the level of Open Water Instructor

What’s the catch?

Honestly, there is none, Once you are certified as a Divemaster you will work alongside our experienced Instructors as one of our Divemaster team for the remainder of your internship period. During this time you may be assisting Instructors on courses, guiding certified divers on fun dives or taking photos of

You get the valuable experience needed to look further and apply for jobs in new and exciting exotic locations, and Phuket Dive Tours gains a new enthusiastic Divemaster eager to dive and learn more about their new profession.

Everyone wins.
Learn all aspects of a busy working dive center and gain the valuable experience needed to work in the dive industry. Dive Equipment for the whole Internship period.

We don’t force you to buy a full set of equipment before starting your course, this is common practice among many Dive Centers worldwide, we will provide if needed a BCD, Regulator and Wetsuit to any students that don’t have their own. SSI standards require that all Divemaster students own a few basic pieces of safety equipment when starting the Divemaster Course.

  • Dive computer
  • mask and snorkel
  • Fins
  • Surface Marker
  • Knife
  • Compass

If you don’t currently have these items then let us help you with our large range of equipment for sale here on the Island, We offer big discounts on the manufacturer’s prices and expert advice on
good value equipment. These are all personal pieces of equipment that help you to look more professional and help you to feel more comfortable, you will eventually need your own equipment as you step out into the big wide world, so choosing wisely is important.

Thailand Visa Advice

Before you arrive we can provide information about the different visa options for entering Thailand and the best option for you. This will depend on what country your passport is from how long you
are planning to stay for.

For more information on this exclusive offer contact us by email