Open water diver course all you need to Know

Open water diver course in Phuket – all you need to know.

Typically it will cost you between $250 USD & $365 USD to get open water certified in Thailand prices are around 8,000 THB for a 3-day beach course or 10,500 THB for a 2-day course with 1 beach and 3 boat dives.

Read and compare newly certified divers reviews for the Open water diver course in Phuket can help you to get a greater insight into the course and what to expect while learning to scuba.

Open Water Diver Course (2 days) Amazing and professionally people special Michael Kerr, fantastic curse, a lot of information. I’m very happy to take the training with them


Open Water Diver Course in Phuket  24rd Jan 2020 Just took the OWC with Phuket Dive Tour! Scottish Michael was my instructor for the last 2 days. It was fun learning to dive with him. Thank you so much for being patient with us, Michael!
Open Water Diver Course in Phuket 24rd Jan 2020 My partner and I had an excellent experience with Phuket Dive Tours out of Kata Beach doing our open water dive course. From the initial communication with David answering our many questions patiently and promptly to our 3 days one on one with Roman- it was a fantastic interaction with a great team. Roman, our instructor took great care to ensure we were confident in our new skills while making our dive trips fun and memorable experiences. I would recommend doing the 3 days over the 2-day option for better consolidation of the knowledge learned. A great place with a great team!
Open Water Diver Course in Phuket 24rd Jan 2020 My partner Christie and I spent the last 3 days doing the open water dive course with Roman @ Phuket dive tours. We had a great time and learned lots. Roman was a great teacher and was flexible with our schedule. I would recommend to anyone looking at getting their open water certification in Phuket.
Open Water Diver Course in Phuket (2 days) Completed my 3-day open water course with PDT. Michael was an awesome instructor, he knew his stuff and explained everything we were doing through each exercise. He even managed to get us seeing sharks, stingrays, nemo fish, eels, lobsters and much more on our dives. The really knowledgable staff at PDT. The food on the boat was amazing and so much of it!!! 100% would recommend and return to complete more training here with Michael
Kata Beach Scuba Diving for beginners20 Jan 2020 We wanted to experience the best Scuba diving and Simon (at Phuket dive tours at Kata beach) managed to give us the best of it. We absolutely had the best time underwater effortlessly and with the keen observation under Simon. He made sure we were fine all the time and it actually made us a lot more comfortable even underwater. We recommend it to all the adventurous couples. We would definitely love diving again in the amazing Blue waters of Kata beach.
Kata Beach Scuba Diving for beginners 20 Jan 2020 Wonderful teachers that helped us experience a great dive and a great time. Andre and David are super friendly and super easy to deal with. I felt safe with them and both my wife and I really enjoyed ourselves!
Kata Beach Scuba Diving for beginners 19th Jan We went with another couple and this place was fantastic! each couple got an instructor that took us through using all the equipment. we went through everything in a pool before heading to the beach. they walk through everything and have you try it out before moving on to the next item. the actual dive was great, time flew! the instructors with us helped to point out different animals as we passed them so we didnt miss anything. highly recommend!

This was an amazing trip! The price was very good, we had 2 divings with our instructor Michael Scottish – thank You very much for the support and for now thank to You for sure we will get our license done! Really great guy amazing people, delicious food! Breakfast, snacks, fruits, drinks, dinner all that You want! If You plan to dive in Phuket – this is the place that you have to come!
Thank Yoy very much for such an adventure,it was amazing!


Open Water Diver Course in Phuket 20 Jan 2020  I have a chance to learn scuba open water diver with instructor Roman Zack. He is so helpful and I fell really safe under his instructed. The course itself is not so stressful and will an amazing instructor, this course was so relaxed and I have a lot of a great time during the course. We did a lot of training in the swimming pool for a day. The trip to Racha now and Racha Yai is so impressed, well organized and the staff both at Phuket dive tours and on the boat were so helpful. We will definitely dive with Phuket dive tours again! If anyone is looking for a place to learn diving or a diving tour, I would recommend this place!

ได้มีโอกาสเรียนดำน้ำหลักสูตร open water diver กับ Roman Zack ตัวคอร์สเรียนสนุกมากๆ และทริปดำน้ำที่เกาะราชาน้อยกับราชาใหญ่ก็สวยงามมากๆ ผู้สอนทำให้รู้สึกเอ็นจอยไปกับการดำน้ำและรู้สึกปลอดภัยอยู่ตลอด สตาฟบนเรือให้ความช่วยเหลือดีมากๆ เรือสะอาดและอาหารอร่อย ถ้าหากมีโอกาสจะกลับมาดำน้ำกับ Phuket dive toursอีกแน่นอน


Open Water Diver Course in Phuket 18th Jan 2020 Best instructor ever, Scottish Michael is awesome! he’s very passionate and really do look after you. knowing I’m a scaredy-cat he kept a close eye on me on every dive. Plus the price is affordable, and we get to see a shipwreck on our final day. Totally worth it will deff come back again
Kata Beach Scuba Diving for beginners 18 Jan 2020 Superb visit… M Being a first timer..our instructor ensured that we would be the most comfortable..!!!
2 Day Scuba Diver Course 18th Jan 2020 I had a fantastic experience when a finally could realize my dream of going diving. Roman is a very cool, relaxed and very good to learn out and take care of us during these 3 days. It was something I would do again
Open Water Diver course 3 days 18th Jan 2020 Almost only five-star reviews, must be fake right? I thought the same, but after doing the open water course over three days I can understand why. The instructors are great and the diving locations are very fun, all you need for a fantastic experience. It was also cheaper than the same course offered by other dive shops in Phuket.

We had three fantastic days with our great instructor Roman. His English was very good, and such a fun guy to learn from. The pool is a good size and depth to explore and learn about all the equipment in a calm and safe environment. With three days to do the course, we had plenty of time during our ocean dives to do both the required exercises and also just explore sea life. Highly recommend doing three days instead of just two, so it doesn’t have to be rushed.

The boat we went on the trips with was large and safe. Good food and free drinks were also included. Everything was well organized and if we had any questions, David was really fast to answer on WhatsApp. During our stay, we also ran into the other instructors, and they all seem like great people. Especially Mike (Michael) from Sweden was super friendly and greeted us in a fun way every day. I would love to come back and dive with Phuket Dive Tours again.

I want to say thanks again to Roman who provided us with the best possible introduction to the world of SCUBA-diving. The pictures he took during our dives were awesome. I would say we almost became friends during our training, and we had so much fun joking around. We really had a wonderful time, and I hope we meet again!


2 Day Open water Scuba Diver Course 15th Jan 2020  had a fantastic experience when a finally could realize my dream of going diving its very cool, relaxed and very good to learn out and take care of us during these 2 days. It was something I would do again.
2 Day Open water Scuba Diver Course 11th Jan 2020 We got Mike as our instructor and honestly, I’m super grateful to have had him. A v good-natured, chill and fun guy – very comprehensive safety session at the pool such that we were really prepared for diving in the sea. I had very bad anxiety on the first-day beach dives. Mike was v kind and the patient to walk me through everything and helped me overcome my fear such that I was able to do the 3 boat dives after. Honestly, 1 beach and 3 boat dive rlly v worth, boat b v nice and comfortable, food also v good and dives are not bad.  Overall great experience, 10/10 would go with this operator agn
2 Day Scuba Diver Course with Phuket Dive Tours Signed up just 2 days before the course during the high season and lucky to get a spot. Roman is an experienced instructor and took care of us well. Learned some good skills and ready for more diving!
Great instructor Roman Jan 9th 2020I did my Open Water course in January .He was really good and professional. So when I came back to Thailand and decided to take the Advanced Adventure course, I was sure which instructor I want to dive with. The dive office was quite busy during the Christmas holidays  but when it came to diving everything was super good. Thanks again to PDT and boat staff for the great experience!
Good diving instructor My nephew–Ivan takes an open diving course for two days. The instructor–Scottish Michael is very good. Ivan should come again to take the advanced driving course.
Open Water Diver Course in Phuket (2 days) I decided to do the Advance Adventure course at Phuket Dive Tours and it never let me down!. I was first impressed by P Benz who advised me the suitable course (even the 2 days course but still have to select the sub-course) and I was assigned to take a course with instructor Roman. He has done a lot of training for us. It was not too stressful as I thought actually it was relaxed and enjoyable. I had a fantastic time learning my scuba advance course here. Roman is my Santa Claus in a person. ♥️
2 Day Scuba Diver Course 3rd Jan 2020 It was my first time diving and I really enjoyed it! Lots of fun underwaters! Scottish Michael is a great instructor
2 Day Scuba Diver Course 3rd Jan 2020 did the 2-day course on very short notice. They accommodated me quite well. Simon got us through the course in a very focused manner – if you are going to do the course in just 2 days, there is no extra time for fooling around. He ensured we understood the skills and demonstrated them properly- giving me a real sense of understanding of the proper techniques for diving. I can’t wait to go again! The rest of the Phuket Dive Tours team was absolutely great, as well. I was treated like an old friend.
Open Water Diver Course 3rd Jan 2020The diving course itself was very well instructed and operated by Phuket Dive Tours. The diving boat appeared to be in good order and was clean, the staff were very hard working and the food was a bonus. Diving was in manageable group size and the progression of knowledge/diving confidence was handled well. Organisation of where to meet on the first day could have been communicated better but this was a minor (and probably isolated) mishap. Will be booking more courses with them tomorrow!
Open Water Diver Course in Phuket (2 days) Super experience for my first time diving. I took the 2 days SSI course, and it was fantastic. The team was attentive from the beginning, with quick email confirmation

2 Day Scuba Diver Course with Phuket Dive Tours We spent 2 days getting our SSI certifications and we couldn’t imagine it being better anywhere else. Instructions easy to understand and made the experience fun. 1 day in the pool learning the basics and then 1 day diving off the boat in Racha. It was more fun than we ever expected, and something we’ll never forget.