Kata beach diving for beginners

Kata Beach Scuba Diving for Beginners – All you need to know


Scuba Diving for beginners at kata beach has many advantages and reading some of the reviews you get the first-hand information from satisfied divers

We wanted to experience the best Scuba diving and Simon (at Phuket dive tours at Kata beach) managed to give us the best of it. We absolutely had the best time underwater effortlessly and with the keen observation under Simon. He made sure we were fine all the time and it actually made us a lot more comfortable even underwater. We recommend it to all the adventurous couples. We would definitely love diving again in the amazing Blue waters of Kata beach.

Wonderful teachers that helped us experience a great dive and a great time. Andre and David are super friendly and super easy to deal with. I felt safe with them and both my wife and I really enjoyed ourselves!

we went with another couple and this place was fantastic! each couple got an instructor that took us through using all the equipment. we went through everything in a pool before heading to the beach. they walk through everything and have you try it out before moving on to the next item. the actual dive was great, time flew! the instructors with us helped to point out different animals as we passed them so we didn’t miss anything. highly recommend!

This was an amazing trip! The price was very good, we had 2 divings with our instructor Michael Scottish – thank You very much for the support and for now thank to You for sure we will get our license done! Really great guy amazing people, delicious food! Breakfast, snacks, fruits, drinks, dinner all that You want! If You plan to dive in Phuket – this is the place that you have to come!
Thank Yoy very much for such an adventure,it was amazing!

Superb visit… M Being a first timer..our instructor ensured that we would be the most comfortable..!!!

I’ve done well over 500 dives all over the world, Thailand, Bali, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, but Kata Beach still managed to wow me today!!! The vis was perfect & the reef life was abundant & varied. I saw my first ball of small catfish which was mesmerizing & huge schools of various fish that almost blocked the sun. Our dive instructor Scottish Michael was a joy above & below water. Patient, competent, helpful, fun & seemed to enjoy the dive & all that we found as much as we did He also so took some great pics, a few of which I’m adding here. We’ll be back again & again!

I and my partner did quite a bit of research in terms of the best value for $$ and service for diving in which, Phuket Dive Tours just exceed all expectations. We went diving with Michael from Scotland. He was accommodating and friendly throughout the dive! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

I had an amazing experience diving at Kata Beach with our instructor, Scottish Michael. The sea was calm and the visibility was perfect. I will highly recommend Micheal and Phuket Dive tours.

I was nervous as I’d never done any diving before and wanted to try it out, so we got a 2 dive tour. My instructor (Scottish Michael) made me feel calm and by the end of the 1st dive I was feeling happy and confident, we decided to add a third dive into the day. Well organized trip with lots of drinks and food on the breaks. Definitely recommended!

We went to Scuba Diving for beginners in early 2020 with Andre as our instructor. It was definitely an amazing and memorable experience! Before the dive, he provided us with all sorts of tips and advice as well as common mistakes during diving, and after practicing some commonly occurring situations in the pool, we were ready to enter the underwater.
Andre guided us to see breathtaking sea life and coral reefs and constantly supervised us underwater. You would definitely feel safe under supervision from such an attentive instructor.
Needless to say, the dive was amazing, and it was definitely a remarkable experience for both of us and a great way to start off a year.

Everything is great in this tour. A nice boat with a lot of space and nice foods. Friendly crews and diving guide. I and my friend went diving with Simon. A super nice guy gave clear instructions and a great tour underwater. Also, he took good pictures. I strongly recommend the tour.

Me and my sister I went scuba diving with Simon! It was absolutely amazing. The wildlife was beautiful, we saw eels, a shark, and the entire cast of Finding Nemo. Simon made us feel so comfortable and safe in the water for all of our lives and gave us thorough training to feel confident. I would definitely recommend this for people who want to try diving!!

I had a very awesome diving experience with instructors ‘Roman & David’. With their perfect and patient teaching, my fear went away and I felt very comfortable in the water. Also, I can never forget the snaps took by Roman

Kata Beach Scuba Diving for beginners December 20, 2019

My husband and I came to Phuket for our honeymoon! We just got done with our beach dive yesterday and I am SO glad we took did the “try scuba” beach and pool package! We have never dived before ( I LOVE to snorkel and he doesn’t) and didn’t want to commit to a FULL day starting at 8 am-9 am just in case we discovered it wasn’t something that was for us, we wanted a somewhat leisurely flow to our day and this fit the bill perfectly!

I scrubbed through TONS of dive shops (as I’m sure what you all are doing now!!) and Dive Phuket was the most responsive, answered my questions thoroughly, and very professional with a dash of fun and humor. I highly recommend Dave and the team, a fantastic bunch! Days prior to our dive, we communicated via email and WhatsApp, which was very convenient!

What’s great is that since we were not actually getting certified during this trip, it made for a fun explorational experience, but if we decide to do more diving within 6 months at any SSI dive shop we can apply our hour dive time to the certification!

My husband, who hates snorkeling is now a Dive fan! Thank you, Dave Hall and the We team! We will treasure this experience forever!

We did the “Discover Scuba Diving” course with 3 dives. Had an awesome time – our instructor Simon was really experienced and made the whole thing a really good experience.

My friends and I had a wonderful experience! We spent the day with our exceptional Instructors- Simon and Roman for our 3 dives who are knowledgeable and super patient with us. It was a very beautiful and comfortable dive indeed. Thanks for making our Phuket trip a memorable one ♥️

We did the “Discover Scuba Diving” course with 3 dives. Had an awesome time – our instructor Simon was really experienced and made the whole thing a really good experience.

Don’t be afraid to try scuba with Mike. His explanation and step by step guide make me comfortable to breathe in the water. I definitely recommend him to all newbie like me!

I was on a whirlwind tour of Phuket when one fine day I decided that the party activities were not for me and I loved the island hopping. I contacted Kata Beach Tours and they had a pretty professional shop setting which made me walk in. They were happy to accommodate for the next day. The next day I worked for a few hours in the morning with Andre who was very professional and also made sure I paid attention to what he was saying since it was only my second dive ever. We first practiced in the pool and then headed to Kata beach. Andre kept me with him all along and the most important thing for anyone should be safety. Felt safe. I highly recommend this place to visitors to Phuket. Don’t go for cheaper ones, safety is important. Also, make sure you get the photos (extra) but worth it

We had an amazing time on this dive. Our dive instructors Simon and Peter were informative, attentive and experienced. We cant wait to come back to do this dive again and hope to have these same dive instructors. 🙂 Heather and Dustin

Simon, Roman, and Michael were fabulous. They were very helpful, funny and polite.had a great time was very helpful even though it was my first time. I would highly recommend! Keep up the great work gents!

My two cousins and I were taken out to the Racha islands for two dives and we had a great time. Our instructor, Simon, was friendly, helpful, and really gave us a great diving experience. Would return in the future.

I took my boyfriend from the USA here to scuba diving with Phuket diving tour and we had a BLAST!! My instructor is Simon and he is super helpful and so patient with us!! He thought us a lot of things and show us a lot!! All the staffs are awesome!! The foods are delicious!! They have everything you need on the boat!! And we took 2 dives at Racha Noi and Racha Yai saw tons of fishes!! Overall we had an awesome lifetime experience!! I definitely recommend this Phuket diving tour!! Thank you so much!!