Shark Point Scuba diving Phuket Thailand


Shark Point dive site is suitable for the intermediate or experienced Open water certified diver and above, located 1 mile south East from Anemone Reef which is also good for macro life. Both Shark Point and Anemone reef are most divers favourite site for scuba diving in Phuket.

Shark Point Phuket, regarded by many divers as one of the Best Dive Site for seeing Beautiful leopard sharks, and if Lucky Whale sharks on the odd Dive.

Most Divers plan to start the dive at Pinnacle 1 or 2 your divemaster briefings may also include ending the dive at Pinnacle 3 depending on current direction, this is a great site you want to have a good dive so think bigger tank if you are a Air Hogg.

The exposed Pinnacle offers divers a visual reference to assist in a decent as well as being the favoured drop in point by most boat captains  –  Boats are not allowed to moor up or drop Anchors at this dive site.

Shark Point Video


Many divers ask what will we see when diving at Shark Point? the best thing to do is watch our video, however you may want to imagine a reef covered in soft pink and purple corals, this famous marine sanctuary in Thailand is prominent due to it tremendous variety of marine life with a large range of tropical fish. Typically you will see Jacks, and Trevallies, Morays, Snapper, Grouper, Scorpion fish, Lion fish Cuttlefish, Anemone Fish, Squid, Reef sharks, however Leopard Sharks are not so common spotted here as they once were, they are easily disturbed and tend to swim away so you should arrive early if you want to find them. The famous leopard sharks tend to be found resting on the sandy bottom or swimming around close to the surface.

Phuket diving day trips to shark point located 2 hours or 16 miles East of Phuket from Chalong Bay most days of the week. Shark Point is justifiably regarded as one of Phuket’s premier dive sites hence there will always numerous divers or boats on the site. Shark point dive site consist of 3 main reefs or pinnacles (1) the main site is identified by a small rock on the surface with a cross to warn off local boat traffic.
The site named after the local leopard sharks that sometimes visit the location. It can best be described as a line of remote limestone pinnacle running North to South. Shark Point (Hin Musang) was declared in 1992 as being part of a Marine Sanctuary, the sheer profusion of marine life is justification enough for protection. The exclusion area extends as a radius of 2.5km around the western limits of shark point and all commercial fishing, collection or marine organism or any other harmful activity is prohibited by law.

The 3 Shark Point pinnacles reefs consist of small to medium boulders clustered around several large rocks covered in zig zag oysters, barnacles, sea whips sea fans, and soft corals. Shark Point Pinnacles are isolated by sandy bottoms covered with slipper and mushroom corals. At the top of the Pinnacles look out for Shrimps, Nudibranchs, and Frog Fish. With such as vast array of marine life, then there’s no shortage of soft and hard corals ranging from Hemprichs Soft coral, Solid Table coral, octo coral, Orange cup coral, Barrel sponge and the Giant Gorgonian Fan coral.

Scuba Diving facts for Shark Point

  • Rating 3- 5 stars
  • Depth: 9-24m
  • Visibility: 5-9m
  • Currents mild to moderate/ strong.

Sea Conditions: you can dive here during the NE monsoon season (Nov- May) although some days strong winds can make it off limits, and Visibility will drop to 5-6 m however with a good weather forecast day trips from Phuket are possible most days of the year visibility can get up to


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