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PADI Deep Dive Adventure

PADI Deep Dive Adventure dive is available to divers who are 15 years or older and have a PADI Open Water Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organisation)

When scuba divers get together they often talk about how deep they have been diving and you will always hear the stories of diving the best wreck dives or the deepest sites . As a new open water certified diver you may want to dive deeper than your certification card allows, and you may be curious to see whats down there. The PADI deep dive adventure satisfies your curiosity as well as opening up access to deep water ship wrecks and dive sites.

Your Deep Adventure Dive is credited to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver / Adventure Diver course (at your instructor’s discretion) as well as the first dive in the PADI Deep Diver course. The deep dive adventure will also allow you to dive in conditions similar, or better to those where you conducted your experience.

You can add this Adventure dive to any of our day trips as the maximum depth for the deep dive is 30m.

What you will be learning

  • Deep dive planning
  • Buddy contact procedures
  • Buoyancy control
  • Managing air supplys
  • Dealing with Nitrogen gas narcosis
  • Additional Safety considerations

The scuba gear you will be using ?

We will supply you with all the equipment free for the dive including a dive computer along with  a full set of basic scuba equipment. Your PADI Instructor for the deep adventure course may also suggest other gear needed and deemed appropriate for local deep diving in Phuket

Prior to each adventure dive you will Complete a knowledge Review section for deep adventure and attend an Instructor Briefing and discuss PreDive Procedures and Tasks

PADI Deep Dive adventure Tasks

  • Execute a decent using a reference line or visual point wall or sloping reef
  • Compare depth gauges yours and Instructors and/ or other students gauges or Computers
  • Describe colour changes at depth and note what changes
  • Use depth Gauge & timing device, or Dive computer, ascend no faster than 18meter per minute
  • Perform and complete a 3 Minute safety stop at 5 meters
  • Post Dive Procedures  –  Debriefing  –  log the training dive

After the dive we will issue to a document that you keep signed by your instructor  as proof of you you completing the  Deep adventure Dive.


How to buy the correct Dive Computer

Like any new sport when you start you tend to then think about buying equipment and scuba diving is no different,  if you like running marathons you may want to track your times and distances with a computer, diving’s is similar that you want to make it safe, record what your depth and time underwater. […]