Phi Phi National Marine Park fees for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Phi Phi National Marine Park fees for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling



The Phi PHI Islands were registered by the “Department of National Park Thailand” (DNP) as “Hat Nopparatthara-Mu Ko Phi Phi” first registered in 1983, the National Park itself covers 387 sqkm (Km2) of land and ocean.

Phi Phi are inclusive of a total of 80 islands located in the Ao Nang, Sai Thai, and Pak Nam Sub-districts of Amphoe Mueang Krabi.

The DNP focuses on the renovation of facilities & restoration of natural resources, Marine life, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

As of June 2015 it was announced that all National Park entry fees for Island tours must be paid by all visitors in cash on entrance to the park, often the guide will take the payment from you at the beginning of the trip and pay it to the park ranger on arrival at the islands. This policy is intended to increase transparency and to ensure that all fees are collected in a fair and open way.

Phi Phi Islands islands generates the most revenue than any other National Park in Thailand. Maya Bay “The Beach” is located at Phi Phi Ley and without question the most visited beach in Thailand. Hundreds if not Thousand’s of tourist will visit this small isolated beach that’s the focus point of any trip to Phi Phi, and with so many visiting the issue of conservation is a main priority.

The DNP had aimed to generate more revenue from Tourism at all national parks, they then allocate the money for the restoration and development of natural attractions, as well as create jobs and sustainable protection projects including coral reef conservation.

The park entry fees collected help fund projects overseen by the “Department of Marine and Coastal Resources” (DMCR) in Thailand. who work closely together with DNP to ensure that the conservation and enforcement are implemented for the benefit of coastal communities and ecosystems.

Some early morning site seeing trips called Sunrise trips arrive very early to Maya Bay and actually have the marine park fees included in the trip price.

DNP spokesman Mr Sompot Maneerat was recently quoted by local Media as saying ” so far we collected Bt1.7 billion in revenue from nationwide national park admission fees over the past nine months from October 2016 until June 2017″

Mr Sompot Maneerat stated at the press gathering “Most of the revenue was collected from the admission fees of Bt428 million at Krabi’s Nopparat Thara Beach and Phi Phi Islands National Park, followed by Bt299 million at Phang Nga’s Mu Koh Similan National Park”.

DNP announced new entrance fees for national parks effective from June 22, 2015 11:07

The DNP control and set the admission fee prices.
These prices are up to date for 2017

  • All tours, private or group tours are not permitted to include the National Park fee in the tour price.
  • Park fee charges can change without notice.
  • Thai nationals pay fees at a discounted rate
  • Adults Pay 400 thb and children pay 200 thb
  • Anyone Scuba diving pays 200 baht extra fee (total 600).

Those arriving at Ton Sai Pier on Phi Phi Don are not subject to the national park fee. Instead, everyone  pays a 20-baht fee, which is collected by the Ao Nang Local Administration Organization.

Phi Phi Scuba Diving Charges

Phuket Gazette 28th March 2016 stated that from the 1st of April 2016 for all scuba diving and snorkeling boat rides inside the area of any National Park all tourists should be expect to pay a entrance fee of 400 baht as well as divers also having to pay 200 baht extra fee (total 600).

The 200-baht fee applies to all 18 designated dive spots. This is not a new regulation, but relaxed in enforcement and administration as staff were sporadic when it came to collections.

As from the 17th July 2017 i the collection of scuba diving park fee resumed, and all scuba divers and non diving passengers on diving boats that visit Phi Phi from Phuket will be required to pay Marine park fees. Obviously when the fees collections are enforced this will then see prices rising for any scuba diving trips running from Phuket to Phi Phi island.